The iPhone 4 Reviews Are In

The first round of iPhone 4 reviews (and a teardown) are in. But given the Gizmodo thing and prior announcement coverage, it doesn’t look like there’s much more to say. The most polished phone upped its game in both design and performance… yet is still shackled to AT&T.

For me, the “retina display” and enhanced camera are still the most interesting bits. I’ve been reading books on my 3GS, via the Kindle app, a few months. It gets the job done, but not in the most comfortable way. And I’ve wondered if a higher resolution screen might improve the situation. Then again, I’d probably just prefer a larger screen. (Such as the one found on the new $150 WiFi-only Nook.)

I can get behind “the best camera is the one that’s with you” sentiment. However, who wouldn’t turn down a bump in resolution (3 megapixels to 5), higher quality sensor, and the ability to shoot HD video? I now shoot hundreds of pics via my iPhone. Because it’s always with me. (Check out this dog.) Although the new LED flash isn’t something I’d use.

But here’s my problem with an iPhone 4 upgrade… I still experience about 8 hours a (work) day without AT&T service. Not to mention, while I’ve had my 3GS 51 weeks, AT&T has me pegged at the no commitment $600 price point. At $400, I’d be tempted. Whereas, at $600, I’m tempted to switch carriers. (For comparison, the wife, with a larger monthly spend, has been offered the $200 upgrade.) Also, I’m somewhat attracted to the new white iPhone 4. But it’s MIA. Hm.

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  1. Come back to AT&T and the greatest phone ever…Search your feelings Dave, you know it to be true! :-P

  2. We’ve informally discussed it (I’m not the only one suffering), but I doubt management would approve. For awhile, I was paying for a MiFi to keep the iPhone going (in addition to laptop access while on the go). But that’s kinda crazy.

  3. if i’m read what you said correctly, you’re out of service for 8 hours a day? where do you reside for you to be without service that long? i live in leesburg, virginia.

  4. Where I work in northern Virginia is largely an AT&T blackhole. (Which I’ve reported a few times to AT&T.) Despite the coverage issue, iPhones used to dominate the smartphone population in our building. But with decent competition folks are defecting. Two traded in their iPhones for EVOs in the last week or so, for example.

  5. I know this is a little off topic…but did you check if your iPhone would charge through the Sony Dash ?

    Thanks !

  6. TERRIFIC…..Off tomorrow to get me a Dash…Now I can move the iPhone dock and have room for it :)

    Thanks for checking !

  7. Hey Dave, were you and Mari at the recent engadget show taping (the one with Jimmy fallon)? They kept cutting to some people who look (at least somewhat) like the pictures I’ve seen of you.

  8. Sadly, NYC is a bit of a trek and all the cool events are held on weekdays (which interferes with the day job). So I wasn’t there. Must have been some other strapping young buck. ;)

  9. Funny… they were almost obsessively cutting to video of these people for reaction during the show… I thought for sure it was more than just random.

  10. It’s a survey floated by one of my advertising partners. Supposedly, only a small percent of visitors that get hit with it. Feel free to ignore if it’s bothersome.

    Related, there are fewer ad intrusions these days on ZNF. Was thinking of blogging my pay cut (one example) in exchange for a better user experience, but maybe it’s too far off topic.

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