Verizon FiOS Mobile for Android Released

Dave Zatz —  January 16, 2010

Mari may be pumped that Comcast has finally launched remote web DVR scheduling (for some), but that’s old hat for many of us… who’ve been there, done that, and moved onto mobile platforms. Like FiOS TV customers who were treated to an Android app this week. Not only does Verizon FiOS Mobile provide access to the EPG for remote scheduling capabilities, but VOD browsing, parental controls, and a free space indicator are also integrated. Similar to functionality seen in their mobile web site, but packaged more attractively here on the ‘Droid. (Thanks for the tip and pics, Tom M!)

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12 responses to Verizon FiOS Mobile for Android Released

  1. I like it! Works well and is slicker than the mobile web site. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I searched the “Marketplace” and didn’t find it. What is it called?

    I have the Eris phone.

  3. Search on just FiOS and see what comes up? On the home screen icon, it’s called ‘FiOS Mobile’ and Tom found it on Wednesday by browsing the new apps. Maybe it’s Droid only for now? Hm. Let us know what you discover.

  4. Thanks for the tip. It has a really nice interface and is one of the best scrolling apps I have seen. I wish I would have had it last night as I was fumbling through the website on my phone to set my DVR!

  5. I searched for “Verizon” in the Android market and it was the first result. Samsung Moment (Android 1.5) on Sprint.

  6. I searched the market on my Eris for both fios and verizon and had no luck. Anyone have the apk or a direct link?

  7. The app appears to only be available on Android 2.0, the Eris only has Android 1.5 but should be getting upgraded in the next few months…

  8. When are we getting an iphone app for mobile DVR?

  9. If you have a TiVo, you can use i.TV on the iPhone for scheduling a recording. Or if you have the EyeTV software/hardware on your Mac, you can use eyeTV for iPhone to remotely set scheduling and view content as well.

  10. PS: Of course, you can sync your shows to your iPhone through the eyeTV software so you don’t have to stream them.

  11. I have an eris, searched for “fios” and it was the second result.

  12. Yeah, this works on 1.5. I have a Samsung Moment (Android 1.5) on Sprint and it’s in there.

    Would be ironic if Verizon didn’t support it with the 1.5 Eris on their own network. :-)