UFO! The Coolest Thing At CES?

While racing through the South Hall for one more look at the D-Link Boxee Box, I saw a UFO. Parrot, best known for Bluetooth accessories and digital photoframes, is flying this crazy contraption in a tent. I didn’t get a whole lot of details, but the AR.Drone will be taking off later this year in the neighborhood of six or seven hundred dollars. The “quadricopter” is remotely controlled via iPhone and, as you can see from the video, responds to environmental stimulation and colored objects. Wild!

3 thoughts on “UFO! The Coolest Thing At CES?”

  1. Very cool UFO, but at $600 it’s a little high (in price). From the video it looks like a toy, which would be less than $100 or so. But yes, looks like fun.

  2. Yeah, they’re positioning it as a gaming device. Obviously coming in at a high price. Gven the technology, how it moves and reacts, I can see why it’d be expensive. I won’t be buying one myself, but I enjoyed watching it. Most of CES, I read about after CES because there’s much going on. So I’m glad I accidentally passed the Drone with my camera.

  3. I saw this at one of the CES parties. It was pretty awesome, especially flying it into people!

    $600 is crazy though, think I’d prefer to buy several of the $30 toy helicopters and stick them together to make my own cool UFO.

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