Hands on with D-Link’s Boxee Box (and remote)


I spent some time with Boxee CEO Avner Ronen tonight and their first dedicated hardware solution. Which is produced by D-Link and should ship sometime in the next few months for under $200. (I’ll guess $199.) The unit looks more sophisticated and sexy than the fine renders we saw last month with a polished front face, that was next to impossible to photograph. When the unit it off, the Boxee logo is a flat grey and nearly invisible. When powered on, it glows green. The reflective surface and illuminated branding are pure eye candy, but I’m digging it. Although it’s yet to be seen how the uniquely styled unit will fit into our home decor and handle interior lighting.


Much of the conversation the last 24 hours has focused on the newly introduced RF QWERTY remote. It comes bundled with D-Link’s Boxee Box, but will also be sold separately along with a USB dongle for use on computers running Boxee… or other upcoming and yet-to-be-announced dedicated Boxee hardware. The slim remote looks and feels good, although I’d like to see the same finish on both sides. And/or matched to the Boxee Box itself. The keyboard chiclets are spaced well and have good travel/feedback. To answer some of GeekTonic Brent’s questions, it’s unlikely you’d accidentally apply enough pressure to type while holding the remote. The keyboard is also a bit recessed, so it should sit fine on a tabletop.

4 thoughts on “Hands on with D-Link’s Boxee Box (and remote)”

  1. Yep, Hulu is still there! Could be the Boxee Box’s #1 sales point and could help distance it from the competition. If the powers that be leave them be.

  2. Thanks for the update Dave. I think this is the product I am most excited about for CES 2010. I have been playing around with XBMC for a while now but I really like the idea of having a nice dedicated with such a great remote. Finding a remote or wireless keyboard to use in my living room seems to be the hardest parts about getting used to the HTPC concept. This remote could be the tipping point for mass adaption.

  3. If it works like the boxee on windows, then it doesnt matter if Hulu support is there or not really. Most of the shows on hulu are available from the networks as well, which boxee also supports

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