Internet Radio (Beta) Comes to FiOS DVRs Tomorrow

Verizon FiOS televisions customers will be treated to Internet radio streaming services beginning tomorrow. Like the Verizon Hub (RIP), the new public beta service is powered by Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio – currently consisting of 387 radio stations of various genres and simulcast online from numerous regions. Like most online content, FiOS TV still (and unfortunately) requires a home computer as an intermediary for transcoding purposes. However, power users ultimately have more flexibility with this solution and will be able to manually enter any URL to stream MP3, WAV, WMA audio feeds or ASX, WAX, WVX, PLS, M3U playlists. Initially, only Verizon’s Windows Media Manager will offer Internet radio capabilities, but I’m hopeful we’ll see a significant OS X software update later this year.

(Speaking of software, I have it on good authority that a FiOS TV Windows Mobile client will be joining Blackberry and Android FiOS TV apps in the not-too-distant future.)

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