Comcast DVR Web Scheduling Nears Launch?


Multichannel received word this spring that Comcast intended to bring remote web DVR scheduling to customers in 2009. And if is any indication, they’re nearly ready to pull the trigger. Not only does this “MyDVR” service appear to support Comcast’s stock (Motorola) DVR hardware, a variant may also launch for Comcast-issued TiVo units. I was tipped by Joe F. (thanks!), who found himself unable to link his account and reports that Comcast support couldn’t assist. So, it appears that the site isn’t quite ready for prime time. But it’s safe to say we’ve reached the point where one should expect the convenience of online scheduling as a standard DVR feature (see: Verizon FiOS TV, DirecTV, TiVo, DISH, AT&T, Moxi).

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5 thoughts on “Comcast DVR Web Scheduling Nears Launch?”

  1. Yeah I found this a few weeks ago but it doesn’t work yet. Can’t wait though. Will be a much valued feature for sure. Going through the web UI will be much faster to tell the DVR to stop recording all of these repeats, vs going through the slow ugly guide on a daily basis.

  2. The Comcast MOT DVRs are so awful. This doesn’t help them, IMO. We need the Tivo DVRs from Comcast rolled out nationwide.

  3. Comcast Moto DVRs are awful? Try being stuck with Time Warner’s Scientific Atlanta running the awful SARA software!

    No remote scheduling here, for sure!

  4. Anything new since Cisco bought SA? Hopefully they’ll be pushing some great features down to those STBs if they want to compete.

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