DISH’s (Slingified) Online Scheduling Launches


DISH has joined other DVR vendors (DirecTV, Verizon, TiVo, Moxi) by (officially) launching online scheduling. While TiVo was a pioneer in this space, they’ve begun to lag as others provide a direct connection for interactive conflict resolution and to view listings of recorded shows or scheduled recordings. As DISH now offers broadband-connected ViP 612, ViP 622, ViP 722, ViP 722k DVRs. Additionally, they’re leveraging the (EchoStar) Sling Media acquisition by embedding a web-based Slingbox player into the DISH Remote Access site, providing one-stop shopping for dual Sling+DISH customers. (And as we saw at CES, the next generation DISH Network DVR, due later this year, will ship with integrated Sling placeshifting technology.)

4 thoughts on “DISH’s (Slingified) Online Scheduling Launches”

  1. I do appreciate the interactivity – especially the ability to delete shows from the web. But none of this is really new or earth shattering. Before I made TiVo(s) my primary DVR, I managed ReplayTV (and offloaded content) using DVArchive like a million years ago.

  2. Yeaaaaa – ReplayTFV was the definite killer and way advanced – i use Dish and I still like the ReplayTV gui much better. Got to say, though, that the slinguide access to the dvr is very slick, very easy and plenty quick.

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