Are You Ready For Some Football?


The pro football season is nearly upon us. Although I’ve yet to research my fantasy draft strategy, the NFL marches on. They’ve announced free Sunday Night game web streaming, in conjunction with NBC and utilizing Silverlight. Additionally, the RedZone Channel will be inaugurated on both Comcast and DISH Network.

Sunday night streaming doesn’t do much for me – I like my football from the couch. And regardless of where I travel in the US, I assume they receive NBC. But the RedZone Channel appeals, bringing some of DirecTV’s formerly exclusive football goodness to other providers for a small fee. (The typical Sports packages seem to run 5 or 6 bucks a month.) Here’s an excerpt from the NFL’s marketing spiel, if you’re not familiar with this concept, ideal for those of us with self diagnosed ADD:

Every touchdown. Every game. Live in HD. NFL RedZone will jump from game to game to bring you key moments from around the league — live as they happen on the field in HD. That’s not all NFL RedZone delivers. See fantasy stats, near live and extended highlights and more.

Never thought I’d miss Comcast, but as a new resident of Northern Virginia I’ve inherited Cox Communications. Not only do they have difficulty supporting CableCARDs with tuning adapters, they haven’t yet struck a deal with the NFL to offer this channel. And speaking of television services, although TiVo isn’t offering a fantasy football widget this year it looks like Verizon FiOS TV is.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?”

  1. Haha, Roku and the NFL; never happen. Now if the NFL garnered the pitiful ratings that MLB did, then yeah, but come on, like that’ll ever happen.

    Let me know if you are in a pinch and I’ll give you access to my Slingbox HD so you can watch the NFL network or any other channel FiOS gets.

  2. I plan to sling blacked out games from my dad’s DTV Sunday Ticket package since I’m a cheapskate. I even rigged up a second slingbox off the coax output so my brother in Indy wouldn’t fight me for it :)

    For the life of me I can’t understand why the NFL doesn’t want people to watch more of their games. They lock down everything like they are the MPAA of pro-sports or something. I really wish they would get with the times and license the games to more providers.

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