TiVo Launches CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football

tivo-sports.jpgIf only they had announced this 2-3 weeks ago (as in before the first day of the NFL season)… My former fantasy league jumped to FleaFlicker and my current league is on Yahoo. If they had gotten this up sooner, I would have petitioned hard to keep one of my leagues on CBS Sportsline — because this is the most innovative and practical application I’ve seen out of the HME engine.

TiVo says: TiVo Inc, the creator of and the leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), and CBS SportsLine, a leading Internet sports media organization and part of CBS Digital Media, announced today that CBS SportsLine Fantasy Football Companion can be accessed from any television connected to a broadband-enabled TiVo Series2 DVR. Registered users of CBS SportsLine Fantasy Football can manage their leagues, check stats and scores, and watch highlights from the comfort of their living rooms with their TiVo remote control. CBS SportsLine and TiVo are creating a new form of interactive sports programming for subscribers.

TiVo obviously has a big deal going with CBS: The press release indicates that in addition to rolling out the Fantasy Football HME app, TiVo will also be presenting CBS Sportsline video Showcases, Gold Star promotions, and interactive advertising tags. Earlier this week, TiVo also announced they would be premiering CBS’ The Class (via download) ahead of it’s live TV debut.

UPDATE: Turns out my old league gave up on FleaFlicker since you can only play one game per week. They’ve rejoined CBS so I was able to take a look around the TiVo Fantasy Football Companion… it kicks major ass! I’m dissapointed I can’t put it to use this season.


5 thoughts on “TiVo Launches CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football”

  1. I just happened to have joined a league this year that uses CBS. Got everything setup on Thursday night and enjoyed checking up on my team during the game! I think they still have a few things to work out. During the game I would see my overall team score updated, but individual player stats did not. This is an awesome app! Now if they would add a Yahoo! version I would have all my leagues covered!

  2. >Why someone didn?t do this before now, escapes me. It seems so obvious.

    If TiVo hadn’t abandoned independent 3rd party developers, you’d be seeing lots more than this.

    And maybe Dave’s homies could have gotten in on it in time. ;)

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