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Why Does Photo Sharing Still Suck?
Yep, I agree. Still looking for that perfect solution. And still pissed at Kodak for deleting my Galleries when I didn’t make a purchase. PS SmugSmug has a backup solution which uses Amazon’s cloud storage/server farm for an extra fee. They’ll even mail you recoveries on DVD.

Palm’s Foleo: Back From the Dead?
Agree with DTNick – Palm shot themselves in the foot. They understood the form factor, they didn’t understand the market. I played with a pair of Foleos at two different tech press events. Really liked the small size and super sprightly OS. The apps were minimal and minimalistic, but they seemed to have more powerful stuff in the pipeline. Thought it would have made a great mobile blogging tool. Then they blew it all up. I tried to get one that hadn’t been destroyed through some back channels, but never succeeded.

Why I Jumped on the Blu-ray Bandwagon
I had a Blu-ray player via a PS3. But I ended up dumping it. Not because I didn’t like the Blu-ray, but because I didn’t like the gaming experience. I’m fine with HD movie rentals (Xbox, Vudu, Amazon, cable box) and premium cable for now. Oh yeah, I also had a HD DVD player for a short time. That didn’t work out so well.

Here’s Why You Want Bandwidth Caps
Neil, it’s already a reality. Comcast has me capped at 250GB… without a meter to track household usage. 250GB isn’t unreasonable, but online backup solutions are much less useful/realistic. Also, there are NO higher tiers or overages. Break the cap, and my ISP reserves the right to dump me. Unlike a utility, which they may claim to be.

HP’s LX195 Low-End Windows Home Server is $390
@SysRq_: It’s definitely not a Time Capsule killer because HP’s MediaSmart servers don’t actually recover Macs. It’s a bit of smoke and mirror marketing… HP supports Time Machine for individual file recovery, but there’s no network whole-OS recovery. I got burned by this with the EX485.

Are There Caps on Boingo Wireless Wi-Fi Usage?
You still have any phones on T-Mobile? $10 gets you unlimited HotSpot (Starbucks, many airports, etc) PLUS unlimited WiFi domestic calling (if you have a UMA phone like Melissa’s Blackberry Curve 2). Great deal! I also have a Starbucks Gold (black) card which gets me that WiFi. Though the benefit seems the same as the regular debit card – 2hrs/day, purchases every 30 days. Although, I still need my Sprint 3G card. I have it on the friends & family plan, so it’s $50/mo instead of $60. It’s a lot, but well worth it to me. Maybe I should resell some of my wireless access.

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  1. dave – I too never hated on the foleo, but not because I wanted one. I was hoping it was going to be the device that finally exposed wireless carriers for what they are (wireless ISPs) and forced them to accommodate tethering without gouging.

    if they are going to cap my throughput on plans that they market as ‘unlimited’, I should be able to consume those GBs how ever I choose.

    I’m a mostly satisfied iPhone 3g user at this point, but there are times when I miss the experience of an unlocked nokia s60 handset combined with the n8x0 tablet. if Apple hadn’t clustered Bluetooth DUN in leopard I’d probably still be rocking a Noka. I’ve read somewhere recently that ‘fixing’ it is a recent emphasis of snow leopard development but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    keep up the good work.

  2. Why I jumped off the Blue-Ray bandwagon:

    1.) Netflix’s higher charge for Blue-Ray.
    2.) Netflix’s long wait for Blue-Ray discs meant paying more and getting less movies.
    3.) Cracked discs.
    4.) The Blue-Ray players are barely able to handle the playing of the media (many freezes), a lot of firmware updates needed (Hope you bought one that has an internet connection), long waits for movies to start.
    5.) If you don’t watch a majority of CGI type movies, is it really that much better than upscaled DVD?
    6.) Downloadable HD content is right around the corner, if you don’t have Blue-Ray yet, don’t bother.

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