Samsung BD-P1600: Blu-ray, Netflix, Pandora


Meet the new BD-P1600 ($199.99 – $299.99, aka BDP-1590), one of Samsung’s CES Blu-ray player announcements. This relatively slim piano black deck slipped into many Best Buys around the country over the last few days. In fact, when I stumbled upon it Saturday, I didn’t know what I was looking at… as (previously) only the BD-P25550 offered Netflix and Pandora streaming.

Supposedly Blu-ray player prices will be dropping across the board, and I believe Samsung is positioning the BD-P1600 as one of their lower-end models. I wouldn’t call $300 cheap, but Netflix subscribers will probably find value in the unit. Which is how I almost walked out of Best Buy with a BD-P1600. However, “Wireless LAN Ready” was somewhat vague – so I journeyed back home for a Google expedition. Where I discovered wireless networking requires purchasing a Samsung USB accessory (yet to be released) and BD Live requires at least 1GB of external storage (USB). I may just wait for Samsung’s higher end BD-P3600, which will incorporate the necessary flash memory and bundle a wireless dongle. Also, the 1600 has a flip-down face plate (which you can sort of see below, top left) that I’m not particularly fond of. I’d prefer fewer moving parts.

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  1. I almost picked up the older model BD-P1500 player a couple months ago, but rejected it after I learned that it would not play DVD+R DL media. Why a major company would release a BluRay player that is not compatible with all of the DVD media types is mind boggling, and it certainly turned me off. I could not easily find the specs for the new BD-P1600, so I don’t know if it has the same problem.

  2. dwgsp –

    Not sure what you mean…I just tested my BD-P1500 with a DVD+R DL (I never use the player for regular DVDs since I own a Toshiba HD XA2) and it works just fine.

  3. Found it in Best Buy on the Maryland side (Shady Grove Rd) of DC. They had a few in stock on Saturday, when I swung back by on Sunday they were either taken from the shelves or sold out. Another Best Buy I happened to visit in MD (Rockville Pike), didn’t have a display unit or visible inventory.

  4. I don’t see why the wireless LAN thing should be a problem. I already have a wireless printserver (with 4 LAN ports) I picked up cheap doing duty as the LAN connection for my XBox and SlingBox. BD player would fill #3 of the 4 ports. No need to wait for proprietary solution from Samsung (or Sling), just use a wireless printserver or an old wireless access point/router.

  5. I’ve got a 4-port powerline adapter and some wireless bridges (Buffalo, Asus). But, I’d rather have an integrated solution. If another hundred bucks gets me a more powerful and sleeker player that also happens to bundle WiFi and BD Live storage, I’d rather wait.

  6. I just bought this player and was pissed beyond belief when I got home to discover i needed a specific samsung lan wireless adapter to stream wirelessly. you could always use an ethernet cord, but i wanted wireless. it turns out, best buy DOESNT EVEN stock these… only online. They are obviously all out of stock as well. Only option for me was Amazon, whcih was sold out except for one other vendor. Samsung doesn’t even have it available on their site. what a pain.

  7. On 10-3-09 At Best Buy I purchased the Samsung BP 1600 blu-ray player. On the way home I picked up a rental movie (blu-ray disc) to try it out. After getting the unit hooked up and the remote furnished with batteries, I could not get it to play the movie. To make a long story short, and after trouble shooting the manual, I called Samsung Customer Ser. I was then advised that I needed new software to upgrade the new unit I had just purchased. I was advised they would send me the disc for free in 7 – 10 working days and then it should work fine. What a pain in the butt. I have yet to receive the disc. Of course I had to take the rental movie back. Best Buy never told me I would have to upgrade. I called Walmart and they were aware of the upgrade also, but when I first talked them they never mentioned the upgrade. But all the had was the BP-1500. Oh Yeah, the Customer Ser Rep at Samsung told me that in the future I may have to go thru another upgrade, but they would again send me a free upgrade disc. I find this hard to believe!! Not only are we being jerked around by the different Companies that have taken us from 8 track, to Cassettes, CD’s, VCR’s (Video’s), DVD’s and now Blu-ray DVD’s. When does this stop!!

  8. Had one of these for a week. I LOVE it! But I don’t care about the wireless, and a USB drive is easy to use for the 1gb of storage needed for BD Live. If a disc won’t play turn off BD Live, it’s on by default. Might not work for you but it worked for me. Netflix streaming is huge for me, and it was the reason I went with this unit. Everything works perfectly for me.

  9. I bought the Samsung 2550 which I had to return because the stupid fan sounded like a buzzsaw. Then I got the Samsung 1600 which did not work. it would come on then it would go to a black screen. I returned it to BestBuy and was given a hard time (no more Bestbuy for me). So now I have the Samsung 1500 from Walmart which does not interface with Netflix. Samsung said they have no intentions of upgrading the 1500 to work with Samsung. I think I will get the Roku with a decent Blue Ray. Anyone suggestions on Budget BlueRays?

  10. I bought the 1600 last week along with a new samsung washer and dry and a 50 inch samsung plasma,I just bought a blu ray dvd and have had all the problems as was said above!I have always loved samsung and Thats why i bought everything samsung.This makes me very mad that samsung put this blu ray on the market!I am going to take all my samsung CRAP back to best buy and deal with a local store instead NO MORE BEST BUY FOR ME!!!OR SAMSUNG

  11. I used my Apple Airport Express to connect my BDP 1600 to my wireless network. I wouldn’t give Samsung more money for a piece of equipment that performs only one task. A wireless range expanded with an Ethernet out on it should work also, if you need a signal boost.The Netflix streaming is really cool.

  12. Hi MIKE S!

    Could you please tell me how you connected your AEX to your DBP 1600 without using Samsung’s “Wireless LAN Adapter” (WIS09ABGN)?



  13. Yes, Mike S. How did you connect BDP 1600 up via Airport Express? I’ve got them connected via the Express’s ethernet port, but am lost with Samsung’s poorly documented Network Setup: thought I’d be able to find and select my network at “Access Point” under “Wireless Network,” but can’t. Did you manually set IP address, etc? Did you need to use Aiport Utility to change config of Airport Express? Thanks for any help you can give!

  14. The wireless dongle would not work for me. When I tried to return it to samsung, I couldn’t get my money back. Samsung do their fulfillment through some amateurs called “J&J” who say no refunds. “J&J” also told me that my router was probably incompatible although they are not qualified to do tech support. I would advise not to buy this product and do not buy anything from ‘J&J” (be careful on the samsung website too – it says “” but its “J&J”.

  15. So I gave up my DVD room with the 52″ tv for the kids. I had to move into a regular sized room. I sold my 52″ and Entertainment unit over a month ago. So I started buying my new stuff from scratch. I got a really nice entertainment unit for the lcd and all components from a Audio/Video store here in Lloydminster that closed out, the one piece had a price tag of $679.00 and I got it for 50 bucks. I bought a new Samsung Series 4 32″ from Walmart 2 or 3 weeks ago (I had a 40″ Sony Bravia before, but returned it because it was too big for the room). I bought a new 7.1 Onkyo home Theater system and a Samsung bp 1600 Blu Ray player last week from a place called Visions while I was in Red Deer (about 3 and a half hour drive) last week. The Blu Ray was about $30 cheaper there. I started wired up the Home theater a few days ago, I had to hide all the wires and stuff. I had all this new equipment sitting for awhile in my garage, been busy lately and didn’t have time to get it set up. Tonight was the night to set up my home theater/video game room. I wired and hooked everything up, looks really good, probably took me a couple hours.
    Turned on the TV, ok it shows no signal, Turn on the Blu Ray, I did’t get anything on the screen. I had to set my recieved to HDMI 1. Well I though the Blu Ray player was on and I would see the menu or something. I hit the power on the Blu Ray again and presto it’s working. I had a Blu Ray of predator inside. It got to the main menu and shut off before I could even select play. I done this several times, and the Blu Ray would automatically shut off at around 15 – 30 seconds. I never even had a chance to see if my 7.1 is working, or to hook up a video game system. I’m kinda dissapointed, it took such a long time to get it all together and hooked up (this would be my first high end system (blu ray, lcd, higher end theater, etc.). And it’s now 1:50 AM at night and I can’t do anything about it or proceed further.
    Have anyone ever experienced a Blu Ray problem like this? Or am I unlucky enough to have bought a Lemon.

  16. i have the 1600 blu-ray and the LAN adapter and Airport Express and went through hell trying to get it going.
    It saw the network but when asked to put in the password -which i did-it didn’t connect despite numerous calls to SAMSUNG who couldn’t help at all. PLEASE-MIKE S-tell me how to do this and others would love to know to.
    How can i get this up and running so i can stream NETFLIX?

  17. **deceptive and misleading advertising**

    mmmmm…. I just bought a BD-P1600 in Australia. Not happy about the whole “… This unit is compatible with Samsung’s WLAN Adaptor *only* (not included) (WIS09ABGN).

    What really sux is that I was pretty much duped. Yes tricked. Ripped off. Had the wool pulled over my eyes by **deceptive and misleading advertising** on Samsung’s part.

    You see the box / packaging info states [1] Icon / graphic on top, sides, and one end [2] “Blu-ray Disc Player” Product Feature Bullet point #3 of 4: “Wireless LAN Ready (Wireless LAN Adaptor required).”

    However what it fails to state is the quote at the top of my comment, one word totally changes the meaning “only” [the WIS09ABGN]. This specific info is only contained in the manual and not on the box. I mean who reads the manual in the show room [maybe I will from now on].

    The deal maker for me was the WLAN feature, I was planning to use a spare one I have at home.

    The WIS09ABGN retails for over AUD90.

    Not happy Samsung you tricked me with deceptive and misleading advertising and the and the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission says that there is a case to be answered!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  18. Posting this in case someone has a clue.

    Bought the P1600. Worked fine for a week, then blue strachy screen- totaly unreponsive. Tried tech support at Abt, no luck. Abt brought me a new one and it worked by 2 hours, then blank black screen and unresponsvie. Tried Samsung online chat, tech guy gave up.

    I coupled the BR with a Toshiba 57HX81 via colorstream connectors – no HDMI on this old baby. Planning to send the second unit back to the store and wait awhile before trying again.

  19. I’ve HAD it with Samsung:

    I’ve had 5, yes FIVE BD-P3600’s sent to me from Crutchfield. NONE of them has lasted over a week. Setup is tricky, the controls are ON THE TOP, so if the unit is in an entertainment cabinet, they’re useless.

    The remote?? I’ve seen children’s toys that from Fischer-Price with more quality. And were the buttons made specifically for Lilliputians??

    Netflix is great streaming, WHEN it DECIDES IT WANTS TO WORK. FREEZES ******CONSTANTLY******

    BluRay picture is NOT what I had expected, but the 1080i upconversion on standard discs (Planet Earth is my guidline) is better than BluRay……..what’s wrong here??

    Audio, though is better than standard discs.

    After 5, I’m NEVER purchasing another Samsung product.

    LG has one similar, $50 more, but to me, 50 bucks is well worth the “time vampire” that Samsung has falied in. MY 5 UNITS WERE a P. O. S. (you fill in the blanks)

  20. Peter, JVictor

    use an ethernet cable to connect from your AEX to your DVD.
    Set up is pretty easily – select the DHCP option on your samsung

  21. OK… I got the 1600 from Best Buy and to tell you the truth,,, the Blue Ray looks JUST like the regular DVDs upconverted to 1080p. I have a HD 63″ DLP Mitsubishi and I don’t see much of a difference between the BLU RAY and regular dvd…is it the TV?? can someone tell me how to connect NETFLIX ??? do I have to buy the stupid adapter fo another $80.00 from BB???? please help!!!

  22. I took the advice of the guy above and read the manual before buying. Read this line in the manual – “If your TV does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), random noise
    appears on the screen.”

    WTF is that? I know my TV does not have HDCP becuase I bought it before it the technology was developed. Now I have to deal with “Random Noise”!

  23. Hugo:

    – First make sure there is NO disk in the machine.
    – Make sure the network is working. There’s a test the network command from the setup menu.
    – When you see the main menu screen that says “Netflix” and “Pandora”, press the red button on your. (That’s what the red A means next to “Netflix”, it means the red button on the remote chooses it)
    – You will be given a key. Copy it down.
    – Go onto Netflix on you computer. Follow the instructions from the Blu-ray player and enter the key into your Netflix account.
    – Restart the Blu-ray. This time when you select Netflix it should show you a list of movies you have saved in your “Watch Instantly” queue.
    – You’ll need to add movies to your “Watch Instantly” queue on the Netflix website. Then select them from your Blu-ray player.

  24. hey can anybody tell me how to get netflix, for some reason it loads and i click im a member and after i just says ther is a problem and some bs then for more info go to

    cant get the code. So far as of 8-16-09 its been a week

  25. I am going through the exact same thing as Michael in comment 18…Got the BDP1600 and a Samsung LAN adapter and am using Airport Express as my router…During setup, the device recognizes my network, but won’t connect after entering my password. If ANYONE has any suggestiond of what to do, please comment here!

  26. To Rex and Others Having Problems Getting Unit to Connect Through Airport Express Wireless:

    I bought the Samsung BDP 1590C yesterday (should have read all these posts first…..I too was p.o.’d that a separate $80 part was required before you can even try to get online). I wasted more than 3 hours last night trying to get connected. Like several other comments above, the unite would “see” my network, but would not connect after password was entered. Also tried manual set-up by entering IP address, subnet mask, etc., but to no avail.

    I called Samsung tech support this morning. The rep told me to turn the unit on and hold the FF key for 10 seconds, to “reset” the unit. (Samsung apparently doesn’t feel it necessary to mention this in the manual.) I then went through the same sequence that I did last night (find network, hit “enter, key in password, hit “enter” again), and the unit connected within 20 seconds. I then was able to proceed to Netflix streaming content with no problems.

    Hope this helps anyone with the same issues……

  27. Rap…Thanks for the input…I have the BDP1600 unit, which can’t be that much different from the BDP 1590C, so I will try that FF key/reset trick.

    Starting to get a little frustrated all around…I did a firmware upgrade to the router thinking that my help with the ‘sluggish’ performance of it…Although I got a whopping 3 (out of 5) bars on my network’s signal strength, I still wasn’t able to connect.

  28. Rex:

    Hope it works. However, I have a new update to report, and it’s not good. After getting connected yesterday, I powered off. Last night, when it was time to watch a Netflix upload, the unit came on and froze in “Load” mode. I had seen this problem reported by many other Samsung owners on various sites, and there is apparently no viable fix. I tried resetting (can’t be done while unit is frozen), unplugging for periods ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, and even disconnecting from LAN and tv. No success. I let it sit unplugged overnight and powered up again this morning – still frozen. I am packing it up and returning it to the retailer today. I really wish this had worked as advertised, but I think a Roku coupled with a Panasonic Blu-Ray will get me the same results, with more reliability.
    I sincerely hope you have better results…..

  29. Success!

    After talking with one of the Samsung tech support reps, I figured out how to get around the issue of not being able to connect wirelessly between my BDP-1600, its wireless LAN adapter, and my Apple Airport Extreme router.

    The problem that I was having, and I think others may be having, lies with having a WEP security password. What I did was the following:

    1) Go into your Airport Utility program…It’s in your Applications folder.

    2) Follow the steps to make changes to your Airport setup, but don’t do anything until you get to where it says your Airport Express “is set up with the following wireless settings.” Click on “change these setting” and make your network open.

    3) Continue until it says “finish”…Click that and wait a minute for the Airport Express to reset itself.

    4) After the Express resets itself. go up to your Blu-Ray player and start the network setup process…Once your network appears, click on “open” on the security page.

    After I did this, the player and LAN adapter connected in no time. The player will likely ask if you want to download a firmware update, which takes a few minutes.

    Once that was done, I was able to set up NetFlix and Pandora and everything streamed perfectly.

    Then, I went back to my Mac and re-set my security settings to WPA2. After the Airport Express re-set itself, I went back to the Blu-Ray player, re-did the network setup, selecting WPA2 and it took my password right away.

    So far, everything is working well. If you are still having troubles with the Airport Express connection, try this process and see if it works.

    Good Luck.

  30. Well i am trying to get the, free pandore radio as it say. but i am not finding the website to put in my nomber

  31. Somewhat nervous about purchasing the Samsung BD-P1590 today. I was surprised about needing to purchase the wireless adapter. I currently have FIOS from Verizon with a wireless router. Has anyone used this wireless router with success? I don’t know what an Apple Airport Express is.

  32. I recently purchased the Samung 1590 model, and 1st of all was frustrated I had to buy a $80 wireless adaptor to make netflix work. But I did get it to work and it was great! BUT than it stopped working, now I cant get it to work at all, it keeps saying “this device can not be activated”, but I have had it working for about a month, I am extremely frustrated now. :(

  33. I also just bought the 1590 a few weeks ago and managed to get it set up correctly. It only took a few hours before I gave up looking for my wifi connection because I didn’t have their proprietary adapter. I now have a temporary cable wrapped around my doorway to get Internet access until I can get an Access Point. Anyway, netflix is great for the most part but one night I did experience the problems other users had with error loading the streaming movies. I think it was netflix servers getting too much traffic. My only consistent problem is streaming Pandora. It *ALWAYS* freezes in the middle of the second song which freezes the whole unit which must be power reset.

    The original points that sold me on this unit were pandora streaming and wireless connectivity. I thought I could hook it up to my big audio system without running a network cable into my living room. I even downloaded the latest firmware hoping it would solve the pandora bug. Nope. And uploading the firmware took over 45 minutes. WTF! That should take less than two minutes. I will keep the unit unless netflix goes bad too then I would throw in the towel.

    I think Samsung is looking at the right feature set if they can engineer the product better for usability and more importantly reliability. Consumers will jump through a few hoops if it means actually getting what they want in the end every time.

  34. I replaced a Sony S350 with a Samsung 1590. I think the BD picture looks as well, perhaps a touch better, but upscaling seems a touch worse than Sony’s, though still acceptable. The Samsung’s load times on movies is definitely faster, which is worth the trade up.

    The remote feels cheap quality-wise compared to the new Samsung TV remotes. The TV remote can control both Samsung devices via the TV’s IR, but the BD’s remote doesn’t control the BD player via the TV IR — only the BD player IR. So I have to have my cabinet open to use it. Frustrating. The only thing is that text input via the YouTube widgets depends on the BD remote’s “cancel” button — a button non existent on the new Samsung TV remote.

    I bought one of the new Internet Widget-enabled Samsung (46B750) a few months ago and it is generally very cool, but Widget release has been VERY slow. YouTube finally appeared on TV Widget in July 09 but, while looking completely different, actually functions worse than the BD player, which works faster and text input is much easier. (Except via the TV remote which is missing the one button.) All the Player’s widgets have different text input methods, which while it is silly to be so inconsistent, all work better than the TV’s widget inputs. So for now I’ll live with inconsistent when all work faster and smoother than my TV’s. And the TV’s have yet to have Pandora, Blockbuster, and Netflix widgets appear even though it is a feature support they are promoting. Maybe Samsung is crippling TV widget release right now in order to encourage BD player sales. If so, it worked on me.

    Pandora and Netflix setup was smooth and flawless — I chose to hardwire the player, though, rather than buy the wireless dongle. I am experiencing the freeze-up bug on Pandora. Usually on the 2nd to 4th song it will freeze, necessitating rebooting the player.

    I have the latest firmware which took a LONG time to update. On the other hand, firmware on my ol’ Sony took a long time to update, too.

    So far not a problem-free or annoyance-free player, but a good change up from my Sony S350.

  35. I too am having a problem with my Samsung Blu-Ray Player and my Airport Express. I inserted the Samsung USB wireless adapter in the player. The device recognizes the wireless networks, but it won’t let me connect despite entering the right passwords. Am I doing something wrong?

  36. PLAYER 1: The only reason I bought this player was its many features AND the fact that I just purchased a Samsung HDTV (LN40A750). I thought, naively, that getting the same brand for both products would yield a seamless integration… The TV is amazing, but the BluRay player turns out to be a dud. It played well for about a day and a half. We watched ‘300’ and were blown away by its stunning images…then it stopped working. At first the HDMI connection would not give signal to the TV, and the Component connection only gave colored snow (typically a link-up problem, not something you’d expect with two products from the same company). The player would start up and get stuck on LOAD. Pressing the FF button for 20 secs also didn’t soft-reset the player (this should work according to the manual). I started browsing Amazon and CNET comments and thought a firmware update might work. Well, when the player is stuck on LOAD and send no picture to the TV, how was I to update the firmware. In the end, I sent the thing back to Amazon and they shipped me a new one.

    PLAYER 2: Worked great out of the box and had read on the Samsung site to update the firmware (released Sept 10, v. 1.04, not the ominous 2.02 versioN that so many people complained about!). I put the firmware file on a USB stick per Samsung instructions. Started up the player without a disc and inserted the USB stick. Then, the screen went green and was stuck on this for hours. When I finally turned the machine off the next morning, the same problems I had with Player 1 were featured: no or intermittent link with HDMI or Component cables, USB port unresponsive, ethernet port dead, player stuck on LOAD. Do I have another brick? Tried to put the firmware on a CD-RW, no response. I am contemplating either throwing this thing out of the window or getting my money back from Amazon.

  37. Bought the 1600 from Best Buy on an open-box deal. The tray wouldn’t open and I took it back.

    Bought the 1590 – which is the identical machine except for the flip-down door AND it comes with an HDMI cable! – at Sam’s Club for $50 less than the machine alone.

    Works great. First thing it did was the firmware update and streamed Netflix on first try. Works awesome, very happy.

  38. A couple of weeks ago I purchased the 1600 for $100 (open box) and a new Samsung 46″ LED tv. What an awesome combo. I love how the player works with the tv. When you turn on the 1600 it turns on the tv automatically and I just updated the firmware to the latest via USB and it took about 5 minutes. So far it is a great machine and it plays everything I throw at it.

  39. BD-P1600 worked fine until I connected it to network, it detected new firmware version, I allowed it to download, it downloaded and powered itself off as part of the update process. Since then, it ALWAYS gets stuck on LOAD and nothing Samsung support says can get it unstuck. I now have a $199 brick and have to waste time and money sending it back to Samsung.

  40. I have the 1590 hard wired and have had no problems. my only gripe is that if you eject a movie to clean it half way through, it doesn’t resume from where you were, like my Sony dvd player did. maybe there is a setting i’m missing. Netflix and youtube work flawlessly. I havent tried pandora yet, but i’m hoping for the best.

  41. Bought the 1600 from Costco. Hardwired it to my network, and it’s worked great. One Netflix movie did freeze up, but I chose a different movie, which cleared the buffer, and everything worked fine. I haven’t watched any regular TV for a month- just Netflix and Pandora, which works flawlessly. Previous posts are giving this unit a bad rap, my experience has been positive. DVD upconversion is stunning.

  42. DONT BUY THE 5190. I bought 2 at walmart and BOTH died after firmware update. Called samsung they said “your not supposed to do update unless your having problems” but open my brand new bray disc and it says U MUST update firmware. soon as i connected lan it poped up.. stuck loading dead. So i went to best buy and got the 6100. BOTH for some reason when I use the 6 cable component output soon as I select netflix it goes all wacky the display. Before the update on this 6100 and the 5190 netflix works in component.. but after firmware my component output will only work with blueray and not netflix! possible copywright in the update?? grrr I am pissed/

  43. anyone successfully using the 3 cable compnent output in netflix on this model? because I have an older rca tv. before the update it all worked. now i update netflix is SLOW and wont operate netflix when connected to the component 3 cables (red, blue, green) GO FIGURE email me

  44. Hello! I just purchased a brand new BD 1255. I got home, played with it for about 15 minutes, then, after connecting to the wireless network, it asked me if I wanted to update the firmware (to version 2.12). I answered “yes”. It downloaded the firmware (very slow!), verified it and installed it. After all this the unit turned off by itself. Until here, as far as I understood, this is the normal procedure.

    Unfortunately after updating the unit is stuck on a “LOAD” message. Is there anything I can do to make it work again?!? Without taking it to service, if possible? Thanks!

  45. I can’t get my new Samsung BDP1600 to go to set up(and or show up on my TV sreen ) to set up Netflix,Pandora, etc. It stays on “no disc”.I am hardwired to Linksys N router. When I first turned on the unit I went through a firmware update and have not been able to set up beyond that. Any suggestions?


  46. I had the same problem this week. I accepted the firmware update and now it stays on “no disc” or “load” and I have a Netflix B-Ray disc inside it. Now Samsung tells me I have to send it to them and doesn’t guarantee that the Netflix movie will be returned!Bad product! Bad Customer Service!

  47. For what it’s worth, I bought the 1590 once I realized that it is identical to the 1600 but at the time cost about $60 less at Costco than the 1600 did at Best Buy. Have had it a few months and am very happy with it. Just finally unearthed my Airport Express from a moving box and am in the process of attempting to connect it to my fios network. Hopefully it will work once I follow the above directions. Also, I did update the firmware which did actually fix an issue. Best of luck to all.

  48. Will the BD-1590 play videos form an external drive? If so what format does it need to be in? All my videos are avi.

  49. Yeah, I work at a retailer and we have had hell with all the Samsung BD players coming back. The Samsung rep claims that it is user error but it happens way to often for that to be the case. If you are seriously looking for a blu-ray player we recommend the PS3 or the LG390. Both are easy to set up, stream netflix and are wireless. Good luck if you still have a samsung and it is working!

  50. FWIW, thanks to the advice I’d read in this forum, I bought a $7.00 ethernet cable 20 ft long, ran it from my verizon router. The 1600 perked up and asked for an update. I did it. It had shut down after update while i was away from set (it took a loooong time) and i assumed some screw-up but turns out it needed more than one update. don’t completely recall the sequence but at a certain point I pressed the red button on the remote as advised. That done it came back with a message about proxy server so went into setup told it cable connection instead of wireless default and under proxy server page plugged in info about the router and its WEP password. and then bingo! Watching instantly now.
    Imagine – $7 bucks instead of the 80 plus Samsung wanted.

  51. I bought a 1590 a few days ago and really like the unit. I had an unused airport express hanging around and I read online that it could be used to extend the range of a wireless network and you can plug in your wired device into the express unit. So I followed the Airport utility instructions and reset the device and followed the prompts to have it extend my network. I plugged and the ethernet cable to the express unit and the player and I have been enjoying Netflix and Youtube for the last few days. I am soooo glad I do not have to plug in my laptop into my TV any longer to watch movies.
    My unit is asking for an update and I am kind of leery of doing it as it seems to be working fine for now. I might wait a month of two and recheck the forums, but so far, it may still be hit or miss for a lot of people.

  52. Just got a 1600 and started the process of a firmware update via wireless. It seems to be stuck on phase 4 – now process for the past 2 hours. How long does this take???

  53. Okay, all you smart techies. Have the time and patience for a newbie?

    I have a Roku device and subscribe to Netflix. It’s been great except so much of what Netflix offers is “DVD and blue ray” only.

    So I thought if I got a blue ray, I could get instant streaming play (vs. waiting for a disc in the mail) on my blue ray.

    Was I wrong? Thanks.

  54. I have BD-P1600 so far the unit has been great. I have Timewarner cable and want to use their remote to control the Blu-ray. Does anyone know the remote code for the 1600?

  55. Has anyone tried to get the Samsung BD-P1600 working with AT&T Uverse yet? The manual doesn’t seem helpful at all. Prefer Wirelessly but willing to hook it up wired. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  56. This message is for Rex or anyone who used his solution: You used Airport Extreme and Airport Express in your posting with the solution for setting up the Samsung Blu-Ray. Do you have both or do you have the Airport Extreme?

  57. I have the Samsung 1600, connected via wireless. Had some trouble and despite some guidance from tech support, I still had to contact my local ISP. Once connected the Netflex worked great. Now I can’t do anything! The remote does not seem to respond and I am prompted to download a firmware update, however it will not allow me to do anything!! HELP.

  58. read through threads did not see one that addressed my issue:
    bought samsung 32″ tv and samsung blu ray player- working fine- went back to store and bought the wireless dongle, plugged into blu ray and hooked up to internet- pandora sounds great- but video from netflix is terrible- there seems to be a speed issue- video keeps pausing and blanking and is not streaming smoothly at all. found that internet video content better when i run through my computer and use tv as a monitor- any ideas why my wireless is not working well for streaming video? thanks.

  59. I just bought the 1600. I do have a mac and saw that you can connect the player to a network via the airport. For those of you have have the airport, is that all you need? I don’t have the airport yet but I’d rather buy the airport instead of the samsung cable because I can use it for other devices.

  60. I bought the 1600 for Netflix and everything works great except I’m getting an audio problem with netflix only. Blockbuster, Pandora and YouTube all sound fine but I get a digital morse code type sound on all the Netflix movies. Anyone else had this problem?

  61. Just got a Samsung BD-P1590 for xmas. It was chosen for me because it is “wireless ready” and we didn’t know that meant “can be wireless after you purchase a rare additional Samsung component for $80” until after we sat down to get started on Netflix. What a load of you know what – its going back and no Samsung for me EVER AGAIN!!

  62. I just purchased the Samsung BD-P1590 at Sams Club because it was Blue Ray and had Netflix. Boy was I pissed when I got it home and hooked up and found out that you had to have a Samsung LAN Adapter at a cost of $80. It’s going back in the box and back to the store tomorrow. What a rip off that you have to buy only their high priced adapters. My last Samsung product!!!!

  63. I spent the last two days trying to get Netflix and YouTube to work on my new Samsung Blu-ray player. I followed the setup instructions, including the firmware update that starts at setup. Pandora and Blockbuster worked following the firmware upgrade, but Netflix and YouTube world not work despite a hundred changes to my Linksys WRT54GL router. As a final shot I reset the BD-P1600 to the factory default and everything worked. This was a cable installation (not wireless) setup on Verizon DSL. I did not have to open any ports or trick the router.

  64. I have Home Theater system HT-BD3252 and downloaded Firmware revision 1001.5 as a new blue ray disc wouldn’t play as Samsung customer service advised. The upgrade went fine and the disc played, but I could no longer stream Netflix on the internet.
    After trying all trouble shooting with customer service including turning off the firewalls of my router (wireless connection), Samsung customer service concluded that the download damaged the internet connectivity circuit and they want me to sent it foir service. I don’t think this is accurate as all other functions work fine. How can I re-establish internet connectivity without paying to ship it and enduring the inconvience? When I test the network connection, I don’t get the Gateway Ping. I can’t believe that downloading a Firmware update will damage the unit!
    Anyone have a clue? Thanks!

  65. my 1600 will not play without a remote control. i forgot it at home, brought the player down to my dads thinkin we should just be able to play the dvd without the remote. why else would there be a play button the dvd player? well we got to the main title screen of the movie adn when i hit the play/pause button, a red “no” sign appears on the screen. why wont it let me play my dvd without a remote? it shouldnt do that. you shouldnt NEED a remote control to play your dvd when there’s a PLAY button on the dvd player. can anyone help me with this??

  66. Christian: Not too familiar with the unit yet, but if there are any navigation arrow buttons, try using those to select “Play Movie” from your movie’s title screen. Then press the unit’s enter button or play button once something like “Play Movie” is selected on the title screen. Hope this helps.

  67. I have hooked up my Samsung P1600 w/ a hardline LAN cable from a new Motorola modem connected to the internet via a splitter (I have Comcast as my ISP).
    Went thru setup & connection tester, all is good except for the last option – connecting to internet.
    What am I missing here? Comcast doesn’t know what the hell i’m doing connecting a Blu Ray to the internet! HELP! Thanks in advance, too.

  68. No Carol – you still need to buy the Samsung adaptor – think of it like a wireless card we used to stick into our laptops. I gave up and just used wire – luckily my Airport (router) is very near the tv so no big problem.

  69. UPDATE: after swapping out the LAN cable to a cat6 – all Samsung network tests pass! However, none of the options can connect – YouTube/Blockbuster/Netflix/Pandora … jesus, there are no more options.

    Didn’t anyone @ Samsung REALLY test this shit prior to releasing to the market?!?

    Any advice for the next step? (in 5 more days, the next step is taking it ALL back to the store for a refund – & ZERO more Samsung products for me)

  70. I read through all of the above comments and couldn’t find one that matches mine. Just hooked up the BP1600 today with a Yamaha 7.1 receiver. The problem I have is with regular DVD’s – haven’t bought a blue ray dvd yet. During the movie trailers the center speaker works fine and I pickup up all dialogue, but as soon as the movie starts no voice comes out of the center channel???

  71. We had all kinds of trouble connecting the 3600 until we bought a new N Dual Band wireless router. We now have two of these connected (connection was super simple) and they both work great. We were almost ready to throw them out until we went dual band. Tried the Apple router first and took it back because there was some sort of problem with the internal antenna on a whole batch of them. Ended up with Linksys and it works like a champ.

  72. I have the 1600 and was able to use an Airport Express, connected to a piece of ethernet cable and plugged into the back of the DVD player. My home Wifi network is Time Warner cable modem connected to an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router.

    To configure the Airport Express to work with the DVD player, first plug it into an extension cord, and then plug an ethernet cable into the AE and into your Mac. Launch the Airport Utility. It should find the Airport Express (which is connected to the computer via the ethernet cable)

    Airport Utility gives you options on how to configure your Airport Express. Choose the “Connect to an existing network” option and then fill in the SSID and WEP or WPA codes for your home network. You’ll know if you set it up correctly if the Airport Express reboots and then the solid green light illuminates on the unit. If you have it connected to a laptop, you should be able to access the internet through the airport express via your ethernet cable.

    If you’ve been able to configure the AE, (solid green LED) disconnect the ethernet cable from your computer and plug it into the back of the DVD player. Here is the tricky party – go into the setup menu on the DVD player (which is a lot harder to access than it should be), go to network and choose the WIRED connection NOT the WIRELESS connection. You DVD player thinks it’s hardwired to a cable connection, not using WIFI at all. If you have done everything correctly it should find the internet and you should be cooking with grease.

    We watched a Netflix streaming movie shortly after configuring all this stuff and it worked fine. No stopping, pausing or anything. Good luck!

  73. Has anyone wondered why a proprietary adapter needs to be used and why a regular usb adapter won’t work?

    Or better yet… is there a way to allow the player to connect wirelessly with a regular USB adapter?

    I have a few kicking around the house which is why I’d hate to buy another!

  74. Has anyone had the problem that it just sits there and doesn’t do anything? Doesn’t respond to any remote commands other than open and close and the status of the player doesn’t change from the last thing done. It says load forever. When getting to the disc menu I can’t do anything because it won’t respond to any commands on the remote or the player itself. This pisses me off. I’ve only had it a week and it has been working fine. Can’t do anything.

  75. Got one of these for christmas from best buy. It stops playing in during the movies. it’s like it pauses and won’t unpause. Only way to get it undun is to power off or unload and load the disc again. does this on every blockbuster blue ray I’ve put in it. doesn’t stop in the same place, so it does not appear to be dirt, hair, scratch et…. it’s going back to best buy.

  76. I am on round #2 w/the 1590 from Best Buy:
    Have the same “load” issue as mentioned by others above. Does anyone know how to restore the unit to the factory settings? I too did the firmware update, which I think casued the issue. I’m hoping restoring to default setting will heal my little black box of joy. thing is awesome when working properly, but this is getting to be a pain in the ass.

  77. Bought a 1600, went through all kinds of hoops to get the wireless connected but it cannot play Netflix movie for more than 5 minutes and Pandora for more than 5 songs. Called Samsung, updated the firmware, reset the box, still not working.

  78. I bought a 3600 samsung and am having no luck getting a gateway ping during network test. Other devices in house work fine with the Belkin wireless G plus router. The wireless signal is full strength but still no netflix etc. Says there is a problem with network connection but is a non broadcasting router with no security. Help anyone since samsung hasn’t helped.

  79. I bought a Samsung and the dongle, and am also having problems with the Gateway ping on the network test. I have a Netgear router from Charter cable. I have not tried Samsung yet, but it sounds like I have the same problem as Mark. Does anyone have any answers? My daughter gave me a free month of Netflix – looks like that’s going to go by without getting used. Thanks for any help!

  80. Mark&Cindy… try moving your Samsung so you can connect your player directly to your router with a cable via the LAN port first and see if that works. Then at least you’ll know if it’s the wireless/wireless settings or something else.

  81. I bought the BD-P 1600 a few months back because of the Netflix Streaming. I tried the wireless at first, but finally went back and got the 25″ Lan Wire instead which worked much better. We watched some netflix for a few days, then all of a sudden one night the system asked to do a patch for firmware. I thought this normal and said ok.
    *$&%&%!! Anyway, 90 minutes later, I tried connecting to Netflix again and as soon as I hit the Netfllix connect button, the screen went scrambled. I guess it is still there, but it is rolling so fast and complete, you can’t make out what is in the background. I tried shutting it down, unplugging and generally everything, but still can not get net flix streaming back.
    I can turn it on, then put a disk in and everything works, but as sooon as I try the Netflix button, back to scrambled status. Not sure how to reset to a “Prior Firmware Status”. Any suggestions?

  82. Just like on of the other responders, I bought this dvd player because it said on the box that it was wireless ready. It is not wireless ready, you have to buy an $80.00 samsung lan device. Felt like I’ve been scamed. No more samsung for me!

  83. I bought the BD-P1590 from Tiger Direct refurb a few weeks ago. I set up Netflix in just 5 minutes and the family has watched several movies since with no problems. YouTube and Pandora also work well.

    but I have one issue: the box’s Pandora account is set-up to someone else;s yahoo email address. (did I say that this was a refurbished unit?) How do I erase this and connect to my own Pandora account? In the meantime, I have been adding stations to the previous folks account – Unfortunatley I do not have the password to change the account setup..

    Network info (FYI):
    I have low budget cable broadband (less than 1Mb) and I have several wireless devices in the house (laptops, iTouches, phones, printer) so I chose to hard-wire the Samsung – that was the Best decison! :)
    My brother bought the same BD-P1590 but he has FIOS in his area – so wireless is excellent for him. Folks, just know that WiFi needs plenty on bandwidth – if you donot have cat-5 connection where you need them try Netgear powerline which gives you wired connection over power lines.

  84. Netflix code, apparently we did not write down netflix device code upon fiirst visit to netflix via our new 1600 series. Netflix and samsung cannot assist. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve it again. Ps, I gave reset 1600 by using ff button and also by unplugging for 2 min.

  85. I am Sorry I didn’t read every comment just wondering if someone can help me? I have the BD-1600 is there any way I can watch movies in .AVI format right from my Flash Disc?

  86. I have the same issue many have mentioned with my new player. It asked to upgrade and I said ok. Then I put a dvd in and started watching. I noticed I couldn’t stop or pause halfway through and since then the unit has been a brick.

    I’m still working on the bios upgrade issue, but in comment to the person who had to send the Netflix disk back in enclosed, powering the unit off and on again, followed by using the eject button on the player worked for me. I couldn’t eject before but I could after.

  87. Update – Samsung customer service was helpful. With the drive empty, I did the following:
    * turned the system off
    * unplugged the system
    * pressed and held the power button for 20+ seconds (When I started, it beeped even with the unit unplugged)
    * left the unit unplugged for more than 2 minutes.

    When I plugged it in and turned it on again, everything was working except for wireless. I did a connection test and the IP was bad. This would have probably fixed itself eventually, but I cleared the DHCP settings by clicking on the wireless connection name, which took me back into wireless setup. I entered the wireless password again and then I was good to go.

  88. bought a Samsung BDP 1620 and then realised i had to buy a wireless dongle. I was told by the guy in the shop that the belkin wireless adapter would work, however i am unable to get the thing working. I checked the adapter on my PC and it connects to my wireless nework with no problem. Any ideas or do i have to buy the Samsung adpater only???

  89. I know the Sammys will not allow any other USB adapter than the one they sell (my mom tried one on her unit).. But I think you could buy a generic Ethernet bridge (commonly called a gaming adapter) that would give the unit wireless network connectivity via the ethernet port.

  90. I was so happy to find a netflix streaming device that was under $140. WE purchased the Samsung BD-P1590 from Sams Club for $130.00 plus tax. I get it home and find out about the extra piece I have to buy to watch my netflix with and all the problems that the Samsung player is having. We have been watching Netflix streaming movies on our laptops and through my sons Playstation 3 and the disk netflix sent us. We really never had a problem with watching movies on his playstation 3 or the laptops. I just wanted to get another player so we could get my sons playstation 3 out of the living room. The playstation 3 would stall sometimes(the same thing happens on my laptop) and adjust but we never had as much problems as we are having with this new samsung player. I’m taking this thing back and we will have to watch the movies on our laptops or on my sons playstation 3 until this thing is fixed.

  91. I got the 1500 from wal-mart probably would not have gotten it had I looked up all the issues people are having with it over netflix, the main resign I got it, was for watching netflix. And yah I have some stoping and starting issues with netflix, but instead of just wining about it I report every thing i watch that has an issue to netflix, I have gotten several emails form persons in there customer service department, and they are talking to samsung and working on a fix. Has for DVDs and blu rays I have had no issues*Knock on wood*.

  92. Anyone have an issue with their 3600 suddenly giving a “no signal” msg when you turn the machine on? We can’t even access the player’s menu after a week – we’ve gone through three HDMI and it still, without warning, won’t recognize the player. Help!

  93. Have the Samsung BDP 1600 and the wireless adapter and the airport router. I also have a Westell router from Bellsouth/att. I did the firmware update for the adapter to work, this went ok. Upon setting up the wireless network, my network was seen but I was initially incorrectly using the Westell’s WEP password, because I never knew my airport had its own WEP password. This can be found in the airport utility, click on the base and click on continue, as if you were to make changes, but you just clicking continue about 5 times, or until you get to the last screen showing you the settings, this will show you which type of password, and if you put your mouse over the asterisks representing the password, the password is revealed. Hope this helps someone!

  94. I have a Samsung Blue Ray 1600….I try to connect to my WiFi (I have a Linksys Router)…it tells me I am connected but, when I run the Network test, it says it can’t ping the gateway (step #3). When I try to access you tube or pandora, I get a message that the network is not set up properly. Anyone got any ideas for a soultion here?

  95. thanks for the comments…i’m going to wait it out until something more user-friendly comes out…looks like the manufacture’s are putting things out on the market before much testing is done…sales people should get them first and try them out – most of them don’t have a clue either…consumers are tired of being taken for granted with everyone selling something to us, wasting our money testing out products for them, them having to buy something else or upgrading later…think i’m going to buy something just for my netflix then buy blue-ray when the cost comes down and they have their act together.

  96. I just got a Samsung TV and the BD-P 1600 Blue Ray player. I am trying to setup the network connection and for the life of me can’t figure out what the problem is. The Samsung LAN adaptor has found my network and connected. When I run the test it passes the first 3 tests but fails #4 – Internet Service Test. I’ve disconnected and reinstalled with the same results. The manual is worthless. I am using a ATT U-verse RG wireless router. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  97. We received the blu ray player as a gift for Christmas. We also have netflix, so I was connecting laptop to tv to watch movies. We finally purchased the wireless lan adapter yesterday, but cannot get it to work. We are getting a message that it is connected; however, when we go through the network testing, we are getting an error with the gateway ping. We have a wireless router upstairs at the other end of the house, so we would rather not run a cable from upstairs to basement and then across and up to blu ray player. We have called Samsung and they tell us Time Warner Cable has a firewall on our modem, but Time Warner says there is no firewall. Please help.

  98. I just went back and read all the comments and it looks as though there isn’t a solution for this problem of the gateway ping. Maybe it is not too late to take the Samsung back and purchase a diffent blu ray that will actually work as advertised.

  99. I recently purchased a Samsung BD-P1500. I tried connected it to my TV (sony KP-53HS10) which is about 10 years old. The connection is via component cables as the set has no HDMI inputs. I am only getting “snow” and some occasional horizontal lines on the screen.
    The unit does function properly when hooked to another TV in my home that has HDMI inputs.
    Any one have any helpful ideas? Thanks.

  100. I have just recently purchased a Samsung 1590 and was extremely excited that I could access Pandora and Netflix from my blu-ray player. The problem is that I am unable to connect to the internet through my Linksys Wireless G connection. I’m using my Ethernet cable from my Blu-Ray to router. My ISP is Comcast. When I run the network connection test, my player passes the first three tests (which include MAC Address, IP Address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server, and gateway ping) but when it gets to the last test called “Internet Service Test” I receive a failure and the comment is “Your network cannot operate properly”. I have connected my computer and phone service through the same router without any problems. Can anyone help? It must be something easy to fix I would think.

  101. I just purchased to wireless adapter for my BD 1600 blu ray, I did the netwrok connection test it tells me that is operating properly but when I try to connect to netflix or pandora it tells me that the proxy connection failed. Can anyone help me with this?


  102. Just bought a Samsung P1600 blu ray player. It’s connected to an Epson TW2900 projector through an Onkyo SR 607. The Epson / Onkyo combo has worked well with other non-blu ray sources, including hi-def output from Apple TV. However, the new player will only show a steady picture (from dvd or the Samsung’s own launch or setup screens) when its “24 frames” setting is “on”. Unfortunately, this setting de-selects when some dvd’s are loaded. Any ideas how to (1) solve the overall picture problem, or (2) make the thing stay in 24F mode which seems to work? Thanks!

  103. We bought this DVD player last year when we upgraded our TV to wide screen which is also a samsung. We love it. The picture is awesome, DVD player plays anything and everything. It was hooked up with a cord, and was able to stream netflix and pandora with no problems at all. The first firmware update added the Blockbuster and Youtube options. (for what that’s worth)

    This past Christmas my oldest son came to live with us and brought his PS3 and it does everything but the dishes so we hooked that up to the setup in the living room with the wide screen and moved the DVD player to our bedroom. Problem is, we didn’t have the wireless adapter, so no streaming netflix for me.

    We bought the adapter about 4 days ago and after many hours of frustration, finally got it to work last night. I’m passing this along to anyone who might still be struggling and hope it helps someone else.

    #1) First, for some reason, you have to plug it into the back. It doesn’t like the front usb ports. We plugged it into the back, but with a cord long enough to bring around to the front so it lays on top of the player.

    #2) We previously had an encrypted connection so we changed that to OPEN. We changed it accordingly on the wireless setup and it connected instantly.

    #3) Once it connected, we made the necessary firmware update.

    #4) We previously had a very long and complicated password. We changed this on the router, shortening the name and the password to just 8 characters (letters and numbers) and no special symbols. So, after everything was connected and running right, my husband went back to the router, made it secure again – with a name and password kept at 8 characters like I mentioned above – and then came back to the player to update the credentials there as well.

    It’s streaming like a charm!

    Hope this helps someone. Anyone feel free to email me and make sure you put something relevant in the subject line or i may think it’s spam ha.


  104. I received this blu-ray player for Christmas and love how clear and crisp the picture is. I don’t have the wi-fi connector so I haven’t had a chance to try out the streaming feature but it worked perfectly with our phillips TV … for awhile. Now we are having an issue where, when you turn off the blu-ray player and try to switch from the HDMI source to another source it gets stuck on the TV source and freezes our TV. I’m not sure if this is a TV issue or the actual player itself causing it. anyone else have this problem?

  105. I have the 1600,
    Its hardwired and WAS working well.. until the last upgrade. After the last upgrade the system works fine for everything BUT netflix.. I have reset my blu ray deactivated my device on netflix and still netflix hangs on retrieving my movie..
    I talked with Samsung tech support and they were terrible!
    They kept walking me through troubleshooting my network.. well everything ELSE works on my network including pandora and youtube on the blu-ray.. yet netflix refuses to run..
    After much debate I was sent to tier 2 of tech support of samsung.. we’ll see how far that gets me.

  106. I just bought the 1600, but why I can’t see netflix or pandora on the screen, only youtube is there? I connected 1600 online, got youtube videos watched without problem. BUT no netflix or pandora icon on the screen! Can someone help? THANKS!

  107. I have the BD-1590 and I want to stream Netflix and Pandora. Do I have the buy the Samsung wireless adapter or can I buy a different one that doesn’t cost as much

  108. My BuRay player makes a CONSTANT “clicking ” noise even when not in use and when I have the TV off. It got so bad that I had to disconnect it because I could not sleep at night, the machine is in my bedroom. It is set up for netflix compatable but I am not a subscriber. Can anyone help as to why this makes the noise. The orgional installer said it would make some noise because it is trying to update a couple times during the day, but this is almost constant.

  109. I called Samsung and they told me that the Wireless Lan Adapter had to be a Samsung or it would not work on their blurays. Were they telling me the truth?

  110. Can you make it clear, I am trying to connect 8GB and it just showing me USB connected and nothing else, in short it doesn’t give me more options to play my USB,may you please help me to play it

  111. My Samsung wireless lan adapter works fine except I can’t get Blockbuster set up. When I click on the Blockbuster icon, I’m told I need to update the software and to “go to MENU, SUPPORT, and SOFTWARE UPGRADE.”

    Can someone tell me where the MENU is? When I select MENU from my Samsung remote, all I get is a menu for the TV.

  112. Hey, just wondering if anybody has had any problems updating their 1600 with 2.12 using a USB drive? Will it kill my player if I try to do it?

  113. I gave up on trying to get pandora on my bp 1600-I even bought a 100 feet of ethernet cable to connect to my router in the basement and still got nothing. Samsung support reccomendations didn’t work and the reply to them option wouldn’t send. I just bought a Internet radio.

  114. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I finally got past the GATEWAY PING issue when trying to connect to my Apple Airport Extreme. I was getting white check marks (which meant connected) on the first two items in the Network Connectivity Check. But I was getting the dreaded yellow x on Gateway Ping.

    Here’s how I got mine to work :

    1). Shut down my laptop computer;
    2). Went to the Set up and entered “Wireless” instead of “Cable”. I entered my wireless address and then entered my password. HERE IS WHERE MY PROBLEM WAS, and I’m embarrassed that it was this simple…when you enter your password for your wireless router, remember that it is CASE SENSITIVE. The screen starts out with all CAPITAL letters and that was how I was entering my password. Once I made the connection that it was case sensitive, and entered the correct password, it went right through the set up and I am currently watching my first Netflix Blu Ray movie!

    I hope this helps someone out there.


  115. I found after several hours of troubleshooting that my router had arbitrarily rejected the mac address of the blu ray player after the recent firmware update, which caused an internet connection problem for the last several days. It was maddening. When I finally thought to check MAC filtering, there it was.

  116. I completed the firmware update on my blu ray and now netfiks won’t work. Is there anyone who can help me. Thanks!

  117. I just set the wireless network setup for this player, as soon as I entered the settings, it connected and said there is a system software update available. After the update, it will not see any wireless networks. Before it had no trouble.

    How do you put the old version back on?

  118. We’ve had a lot of problems with this system…though we still like it. The remote occasionally quits working, especially after it powering off on its own. It flashes that it’s loading a disk when it isn’t. The system gets CONFUSED. Sometimes it turns into a brick. It needs a hard reboot (not just holding down fast forward) when it misbehaves. Follow the instructions left by Jeff on February 1st, 2010 at 9:10 pm. They fix so many problems. Good luck!

  119. I have had the Bd 1600 for several months with no problems until I bought Salt on blu ray. This must have a new format it will not load up. Now I have signed up with Netflix and of course I need a device to make the wireless feature work. The box doesn’t say that it needs this accessory to work on a wirless network. Shouldn’t Best Buy
    be responsible for informing us this will need extra parts? I would have bought a different player.

  120. how do i change netflix account info on my bluray? I got a new netflix account and when u launch netflix its still going to my old acct.

  121. Short and sweet! I have had my Samsung BDO1600 for two years. On occasion it would not recognize a BLURAY disc that I have watched several times (HURT LOCKER), usually through persistence (Loading,”not a valid disc” ejecting then loading again) It would finally recognize It and play with no problem. It then progressed to all BLURAY Movies I have, I was worried that the unit bit the dust! As a last resort I inserted a regular DVD movie and it played fine!
    I’m now thinking that the BLURAY Laser has become dirty and is more likely to fail due to the higher bit rate compared with the red!
    Does that make since to anyone else?
    Ps. Ive pulled the over off the unit and the drive, When I insert a DVD I see both lasers integrating the disk then it spins up to the menu, when I put a BLURAY in I hear and see the seeker head try to find the starting point withe the usual grinding noise then I receive the on screen error that it can’t play that disc!!
    If anyone ha a comment,suggestion or a F****** idiot please reply to:
    I’m writing this@4:00am when I get up I’m going to use a Q-Tip & Alcohol and try to clean it…

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