Netflix Queue Manager for Windows Mobile

CES is a huge event, so it’s no surprise we might have overlooked a few hidden gems… such as the Mobile Manager for Netflix demo-ed at CntrStg. The Windows Mobile Team Blog announced the release of this Netflix queue management software a few days ago, which I’ve gone ahead and installed on my Blackjack 2.

As you might expect, given the app’s name, Mobile Manager for Netflix allows you to manage your queue(s) and see the discs you have at home. What I didn’t photograph is the ability to search for titles, that you can add to your queue. Although, the WinMo blog scenario ironically emphasizes Netflix’s STB streaming interface shortcoming – there’s no ability to peruse the movie library to add titles.

I don’t see this as the type of application I’d pull up on a daily basis, but what really caught my attention and motivated me to cover it are the streaming video previews available for many titles, which takes Mobile Manager for Netflix to another level. Plus, we know Netflix has leaned heavily on Microsoft tech, including WMV and Silverlight video with protection and Xbox integration. (In fact, it’s not clear which company produced this app containing “exclusive extensions” – Netflix or Microsoft?) Leading me to wonder if Netflix instant viewing might come to Windows Mobile devices at some point. Now that would be hot, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Queue Manager for Windows Mobile”

  1. Ive installed it on my phone and it works pretty well…Deff a well made WinMo app but like Dave said the real news will be when netflix lets you stream full videos right to this app.

  2. I find it very useful to pull out during the previews of upcoming movies and save them in my queue for when the finally come to DVD rental. Instead of trying to remember something I can just glance at my saved queue and get the title for going out to movies or if not at least it makes it to my house eventually.

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