The Slingified WiFi LCD


The Sling booth was my first stop at CES, yet I managed to walk right by the one real surprise. Sling’s 15″ WiFi monitor displays (only) streamed video from a “SlingLoaded” DISH ViP 922 DVR within the home. Sort of a SlingCatcher, without additional media adapter functionality. Unfortunately, this product will not be available in retail and will not function with standalone Slingboxes. It’s solely meant to extend the DISH 922 experience. No pricing or timing info, although it’s expected to be available in conjunction with the DISH DVR this spring.

Somewhat related to Echo/Sling’s new strategy of serving only DISH customers, PaidContent was first to report on a mass Sling Media exodus yesterday – including the loss of founder Blake Krikorian. Of course, five senior level folks on two coasts don’t coincidentally leave on the same day without some encouragement, or perhaps frustration, from above. It’s the end of an era.

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  1. Its clear that this wasnt Blake’s vision…I locked down POS lcd screen tied to 1 dvr!?! Whoever thought up the above product should be fired and that thing should have been canceled long before CES. Sling was built around being platform independant and bringing your tv everyone. Why tie a monitor to one device?! Let it work with EVERY slingbox in the world! Well atleast its clear sling now with the founders out of Echostar Sling will be out of business soon/turned into a junk brand.

  2. While I think this is great, I think it is really lacking to not offer this for use with other slingdevices. Keeping it tied to just DISH, while SOUNDS good from a business loss leader/prime the channel standard, it is NOT going to be the driving force towards DISH for users and they could really lower their cost point if they made it available to others.

    That being said, for the first time in 15 years with D*, I’m actually THINKING of doing DISH

  3. It should also be noted that although this is specific to Dish’s 922 it still takes up your one Sling client license. So in other words, if your wife is watching this in the Kitchen, you can’t watch from any other sling client.

  4. I guess we’ll have to give it 6 months to a year and see what happens. Hopefully things won’t change too much, it’s surely not uncommon for founders to leave after a company is bought out. I don’t like the idea of things now becoming so Dish-centric. Being a Comcast/D* customer I really would hate to see this happen.

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