Roxio Updates Toast With Mac2TiVo

Nearly two years to the day that Roxio (finally) brought TiVoToGo video transfers to Mac owners, they’ve announced an updated Toast bundle that facilitates shipping video files to a TiVo. Whereas TiVoToGo enables one to download TiVo recordings to a computer, this new feature provides Mac users with a means of transmitting video from computer to television. However, this isn’t entirely new… Video transcoding and delivery have been available to PC TiVo Desktop Plus customers for some time and there’ve even been a few freebie community applications with this functionality.

In discussing the the new Toast software package with TiVo yesterday, it seems that any video capable of being viewed within the OS X QuickTime Player can be transcoded and transferred via the Mac2TiVo utility. However, the similarity to TiVo Desktop Plus end there… as the software will not monitor and transfer web video feeds.

Roxio Toast 10 with Mac2TiVo should be available later this month for $100. As with prior releases, I’d keep an eye out for coupon codes, rebates, and steep discounts through vendors like

2 thoughts on “Roxio Updates Toast With Mac2TiVo”

  1. Dunno, this would have to be a lot better then pytivox to be worth it. Will popcorn get the update/software?

  2. I bought Popcorn, but I’ve given up on it due to video/audio sync issues. Instead I’ve been using iTivo, formerly Tivo Decode Manager, and pyTivo.

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