Pictures of the Day: Inauguration Tech

Amidst the counter-snipers, armored Cadillac limo, SUV with machine gun turret, redesigned, and CBS’s HD web streaming, a couple other pieces of inauguration tech caught my eye:

Our niece instructed us to TiVo the Kids Inaugural Concert as both Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers were performing. As far as I know, we don’t get the Disney Channel in HD. So this was recorded in SD… making it a bit harder to identify what President Obama’s daughters (Malia, Sasha) are holding. I believe we’re seeing a Kodak digital camera on the left (possibly confirmed by Gizmodo) and a Flip Mino on the right.

Internet streaming video is still in its infancy. And some sites experienced difficulties meeting demand, leading folks to placeshift their own content or to catch inauguration coverage on a television. I fell into the latter category, spending much of the day parked on the couch watching CNN HD. During their broadcast, they displayed a satellite image snapped by GeoEye – showing massive pointillist crowds on the National Mall on the Capitol Building grounds. Hit VentureBeat to view several enlargeable slices of the image.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of the Day: Inauguration Tech”

  1. And speaking of inauguration, a shout out to my best bud Dan who spent a really long and frigid day as a Capitol Policeman. Man, I didn’t even want to go downtown as an observer and imagine it must have been so much more stressful for someone working the biggest event/crowd DC has ever seen.

  2. The doors look like they’re about a foot thick. The secret service officers often used two arms and flexed their knees to open the doors when the Obamas made their way from the Capitol Building to the White House.

  3. I managed to get a ticket to the silver section on Tuesday, it was an amazing experience. The one thing that nearly everyone had besides a warm coat and hat was a digital camera. The Inauguration had to be one of the more well documented moments in history.

  4. Yah, you’re probably right – it could have been the most photographed event ever? One dude on television said he snapped 25,000 pics. Wonder how much storage that takes.

    My buddy Pete made it to The Mall with his cam and monopod – stitched this beauty together. I’ve also got some close up pics from another pal, but I don’t know that I can share them. I’ll just live vicariously through the folks that made it. And CNN HD. :)

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