CBS Serves Up 7 HD Streams for Inauguration Day

There’s no shortage of online destinations for streaming video of today’s presidential inauguration, but I don’t know of any site offering as many different feeds or as much high-def content as CBS. Just in time for the historic presidential swearing-in ceremony, CBS Television Stations has debuted a new Silverlight player with seven (!) live HD feeds. The main feed shows center stage, but you can swap out other streams to view different camera angles. The CBS experience also includes on-demand access to previous inauguration speeches and a live Twitter stream from the editorial staff embedded within the Silverlight player.

It’s interesting that once again we’re seeing a major online event making use of Microsoft Silverlight over the more widely-deployed Adobe Flash platform. (Though it’s important to note, if you don’t want to download Silverlight and the required Move Networks plug-in you can still access two CBS SD streams.) With the combination of major events getting the Silverlight treatment and outfits like Netflix using the technology for HD streaming, MS has made itself a serious competitor in the web video player market.

Want to watch the CBS HD coverage? You can access the CBS Silverlight player on any of the 14 CBS-owned regional stations sites, and it works on both PC and Mac with Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

4 thoughts on “CBS Serves Up 7 HD Streams for Inauguration Day”

  1. Been watching the TV …..The man is takeing the Most Important Job in the country ,,,,and EVERYTHING ON THE NEWS IS RACIAL ,,,,RACIAL ,,,RACIAL ,,,why?????????
    What about the JOB he has????

  2. still wants me to upgrade to the newest (buggy) release of Flash. I’m not doing it. Hulu is streaming fox, but quality isn’t great. The CBS streams are finally up and the Move player install was nearly instantaneous and painless – quality looks great here from the SBUX. Which is decidedly more warm and less busy than The Mall – no way in hell I was going downtown today.

  3. Does it really matter which platform, flash or silverlight, is used?!

    In either case, there will be multiple outtakes of Katie Couric cussing and swearing.


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