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I’ve gone ahead and joined the netbook revolution. After originally trying to get onboard a couple of months ago with Lenovo’s 10" Ideapad (~$400), repeated shipping delays led me to cancel that order. The MSI Wind is consistently rated as one of the top models in this category, so when Best Buy dropped the price to $350 earlier this week it was a pretty easy purchase to make… and a $50 gift card sweetened the deal.

This isn’t my first foray into lilliputers. However my last unit was referred to as a sub-notebook, was imported from Japan, and easily cost more than a traditional sized laptop. So it’s nice to see these diminutive, yet computationally capable, laptops growing in popularity here in the US. And at reasonable prices.

My Wind is clearly not a desktop replacement and will serve two primary purposes: Mobile blogging platform and portable video player. The Intel Atom processor and 1GB of memory running XP has performed well streaming Netflix and a Slingbox SOLO (tip: use headphones), while this post is being composed in Windows Live Writer. So far, so good! Although, I suspect at some point, I’ll be upgrading to a 6 cell battery (4+ hours) and OS X – once those Mac Xohm drivers are available.

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  1. we picked up two eee pc 1000’s to use as loaners to professors and/or students at work. netbooks are great because not only are they small and light but if we lose one to negligence or theft the cost to replace is much lower too. nice buy, dave!

  2. When you say “OSX” do you mean a version that’s a couple years old or something ( 2005? ), not the latest version of Leopard, right?

    I thought the latest version of Mac OS is “locked” to their hardware.

  3. I’m anxious for Dell’s 12-inch model to make it to the US. Their current Mini goes for crazy low prices when bought at their Outlet & combined with coupons, so hopefully same thing will happen to the new model :)

  4. Dave:

    I took your advice and was gonna buy it at Bestbuy but with tax and shipping was gonna be close to $400. I found on Amazon the White Version with 160GB Hard Drive, Bluetooth, 6-cell Battery and Wireless N for $429 with no tax. Figured since I would of had to buy the 6-cell Battery that would run $80 that this would be a better deal plus you get the bluetooth for Tethering my Blackberry connection.

    Thanks for the heads up on this since I so badly wanted a cheap Mac Book so that I can start Programming some iPhone apps but still have my XP.

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