Dave Gets Served: YouTube Takedown Notice


Yes! I received my very first YouTube takedown notice for an unedited presentation of the TiVo Series3 startup animation, originally posted fall of 2006. Of course, the irony here – and something THX may not be aware of – is that TiVo, Inc facilitated and OK-ed this video upload as a supplement to my Engadget review. I forwarded their email back to copyright@youtube.com asking for a THX contact. However, I don’t expect to receive any sort of info without filing a DMCA counter notice. Which I have no intention of doing. THX (and TiVo) will just lose out on the free advertising. Works for me.

13 thoughts on “Dave Gets Served: YouTube Takedown Notice”

  1. I dont see what the goal of this takedown was from THX’s point of view? There famous intro vid/music is just basically an Advert for them. Why wouldnt they want as many people world wide to hear and see it as possible?

  2. Dave my mommy said you can’t come over anymore! You are a bad seed! LOL :) I’m kind of interested to know why THX took action without talking to tivo. i MEAN The THX logo is only seen 10-20 sec at the end.

  3. As someone who has lost count of the number of You Tube take downs sent by Google ( 12? 20? ) all I can say is…


    Psssssssst – Run the audio of your YouTube videos through Audacity’s “remove noise” filter before posting ;)

  4. the only reason I can come up with for the takedown notice is THX is part of Lucasfilm, and their lawyers were already on the copyright hunt for Indiana Jones and The Clone Wars. Or they’re just dumb, whatever, I’m not a mind reader.

  5. I look forward to a day when we don’t use the internet anymore and I just use my computer to play Top Fuel Eliminator, Boulderdash, Hard Hat Mack, Conan The Barbarian, Rescue Raiders and Lode Runner.

  6. Damn, this is really sad. I honestly dont see how Tivo would even begin to warrant that by this act of copyright infringement that they would actually lose money. Just look at the cost of their set top boxes!

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