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When activating your Series3, remember referred you. ;)

13 thoughts on “The TiVo Series3 Resource Page”

  1. While I understand the TivoToGo features are disabled.

    Do the Tivo to Tivo transfers still work?

    I’ve grown so used to being able to watch TV in my bedroom that’s recorded in my livingroom. It’s not something I’m looking to give up just yet.

  2. I just finished my order from Naturally, they wouldn’t allow me to give my own Email address for a referral so I gave the points to you Dave!

    Thanks for all your coverage. I’ll be writing more on my Blog as soon as I get my hands on my new Series 3. :)

  3. Charles: TiVo to TiVo transfers (aka multi-room viewing) are not currently active. It’s mainly a licensing/certification dealio with CableLabs.

    Bill: Thanks a bunch!

  4. I’ve read on the tivolovers faq that it won’t have guide info for un-encrypted HD channels (if you want to use it w/out cable card). Is that still true? Also…w/out cable card can it record 2 channels at once? (1 HD 1 analog?)

  5. Thanks Dave.

    I figured as much but its still nice to have a firm confirmation before I became an early adopter. I guess I will be one of the wait and sees instead.

  6. Chip: There is no guide data for QAM channels unless you use a CableCARD.

    Without CableCARD you can still record any two channels – NTSC, ATSC, analog cable, or clear QAM. For the latter you need to do it by time and channel.

  7. Words cannot expressed how f*cking pissed I am that TiVoToGo is disabled. Its just such an amazingly unjust abuse of power over fair use. I hope enterprising minds hack the box and enable TiVoToGo.

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