The Firefly Remote Giveaway

Brent and I are giving away a Firefly PC Remote ($50), courtesy of Snapstream. For remote details, check out my brief hands on or Brent’s extensive review. The rules are simple: Leave a comment on this post saying you want in. However, your comment must be accompanied by a Gravatar image/icon – sign up here. (It’s painless, really.) Please be located in the lower 48 (US) and we’ll randomly choose a winner later this week.

28 thoughts on “The Firefly Remote Giveaway”

  1. According to, Bruce is the winner! I’ll have more stuff to give away soon, including a Samsung Bluetooth headset plus possibly an Eye-Fi and TiVo Glo remote. Maybe a Neuros OSD, too. FYI At some point, I’m going to increase the size of these comment Gravatars so they’re a bit more meaningful.

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