The Firefly Remote

SnapStream, the folks behind Beyond TV DVR software, offered Team ZNF a look at the Firefly RF media center remote control ($50). While Brent‘s finalizing his review, he shipped the remote back to play with before we give it away on ZNF. The Firefly controls a wide variety of media apps out of the box, including Beyond TV and Vista Media Center (VMC), plus it can be customized to support additional programs. Generally speaking, RF is preferable to IR due to increased range and fewer line-of-sight issues. And the Firefly is certainly superior to my wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse in controlling VMC from the La-Z-Boy. However, RF’s not going to turn my plasma on… Next!

7 thoughts on “The Firefly Remote”

  1. Doesn’t have the look that either the Tivo remote does or the ever popular Harmony remotes. Sorry, it’d take a lot to sway me away from my love affair with Harmony remotes. Once you set the software up it’s so easy to change around add new items, or add buttons that are not on the remote when you buy it (sleep timer?).

  2. The TiVo Glo remote is at the top of my list for design, ergonomics, quality. Back in my “real” HTPC days with projector, I relied on Harmony to dim my Lutron-controlled lights, power up the projector and receiver, launch WinDVD, etc. My setup is more streamlined these days, so I mostly stick with the TiVo remotes. Though, I ordered a Gyration media center remote for my next series of tests with the new HTPC-lite.

  3. I actually like the firefly, but as Dave mentioned the lack of built-in ability to control other AV devices and TVs is a deal-killer for me as well.

    My favorite remote control is the MX-500 and many of the Harmony remotes. For the HTPC though I highly recommend girder (or eventghost) and the USBUIRT. I’ll have to write up a basic how-to on that some day….

  4. The firefly remotes always looked solid to me. Supposedly they work well with a MythTV box. Has anyone used one with myth?

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