Apple TV, Take Three = DVR?


For what seems like years, folks have been speculating on (and lusting after) an Apple DVR. Could that wait be nearing an end? The obvious platform for their DVR would be Apple TV, though I’m unsure if the current hardware is suitable for video encoding. Not to mention we’d need a USB tuner (ATSC? CableCARD?) of some sort – as Sony is doing with the PS3. Given Apple’s track record of encouraging upgrade purchases, I doubt we’ll see DVR functionality on currently shipping Apple TV units. Especially given the dockable iPod-esque remote accessory. And perhaps they’ll just build it all into an Apple television. (story via Apple Insider, patent filing link via Engadget)

6 thoughts on “Apple TV, Take Three = DVR?”

  1. I’ve always thought that it was unlikely that Apple TV would become a DVR since Apple has been pushing downloadable a la carte content heavily. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a version that has DVR functionality as a hedge against content providers refusing to license their content.

  2. As you said- I doubt the current hardware would support on board hardware encoding. Perhaps a combo tuner/encoder add-on?

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