Sony Demonstrates PS3 PlayTV

The BBC received a demonstration of Sony’s upcoming PlayTV accessory which will offer PS3 owners over-the-air tuning (DVB-T, abroad), OTA EPG, DVR functionality, and PSP placeshifting. Looks pretty cool (other than the UI load time)… Though, I wonder if we’ll ever see this in the US – is the PS3 OTA ATSC market large enough to matter?

11 thoughts on “Sony Demonstrates PS3 PlayTV”

  1. Interesting stuff. Sets PS3 apart from Xbox 360 and another good use for PSP. But only streams to a PSP and you have to have a wi-fi connection and it’s only DVB-T “Freeview” so no sports channels etc. Let’s see what price it is as well!

  2. Yah, the “Freeview” electronic program guide is sent over the air (DVB-T) the way many broadcasters do here in the US with ATSC over-the-air programming info. In my experience (US-only), the data quality has been hit or miss.

  3. Looks very cool.

    I wonder though, is the PS3 running this program all the time? Or only when you boot this program? Meaning, if I’m playing a game, or whatever, is it still running, and will still record shows?

    And do I have to leave my PS3 running the PlayTV application whenever I walk away?

    I would *love* to have something like that PSP PlayTV app Dave, and I’m not willing to buy a PS3 to get it. Any chance we might see something like this from you guys (hint hint)? A PSP is a nice-sized device with a reasonable screen for something like this, lying on the bed in a hotel room…

  4. I’m from england and i cant wait for this will it work on 60gb ps3’s & if so how much will it cost

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