Want The TiVo Software Update?

TiVo has just opened a v9.1 software update priority page, so drop off your TiVo Service Number (TSN) if you want in. However, those of you with Series2 units should keep in mind:

For Multi-Room Viewing to work in software version 9.1, your other DVRs must also be running software version 9.1. Please sign up all DVRs on your account and have 9.1 installed before attempting to use MRV.

Other than the updated Boolean Wishlists, there’s not much in the way of functional changes. Though… Megazone speculates that the relevant bits for TiVoToGo and Multi-room Viewing on high-def TiVos are in place. All it may require is TiVo flipping a switch on their end. Sounds reasonable to me given the timing of this software rollout and TiVo’s November target.

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10 thoughts on “Want The TiVo Software Update?”

  1. I got this update a week or so ago, and when deleting shows from my todo list, it reverts back to the top of the list. I wish they would get the todo list straightened out. Everytime they fix a bug on that page, they introduce a new one… Anyone else seem to have this problem?

    I have a S2-540 unit.

  2. I’m under the impression each new update is not just an “update” – that they’ve been re-writing the entire code base to make it more modular and perhaps in Java? So newly introduced bugs don’t surprise me.

  3. I *highly* disagree with your characterization of this as a minor update. On both of my Series2 units (one Humax and one TCD540080), the interface features all-new art, for one (more shadowy, futuristic, and modern looking รก la Mac OS X). Speed – especially on the Humax unit – is also dramatically improved. I would say this is the best update TiVo has pushed out in a long time.

  4. I put my machines on the list shortly after Dave’s post and both had the update by 5 PM.
    Nate, I’ve had that To Do list bug before. Hated it. I will test it out this evening.

  5. Andy, I’ve noticed no performance differences on my Humax. (Doesn’t mean it’s not there, just that I haven’t noticed it.) Also, I said “functional” changes – I did observe the updated S2 graphics, but it doesn’t change the way the TiVo operates. Assuming this really does contain TTG and MRV for S3/HD, then I’ll agree with you that it’s highly notable. :)

  6. Bob – I’ve had errors in the ToDo list before, but they did happen to fix them before, but they reintroduced them in with this latest update.

  7. This seems to be a pointless update (as opposed to minor) that didn’t need to be sent out for another 4-6 weeks and could have had some of these terrible bugs fixed.

    Maybe we subscribers will be lucky and get a bug fix update coupled with the enabling of the Hi Def TiVo transfer features.

  8. The new graphics are sweet and look crisp and clean now. But I too caught a minor bug last night too. Like “Nate L.” states above, the same thing happenes in my “wish list” searches (goes back to the top). This is very annoying as I have pages and pages of wishlist key words. Hope they fix this on sooner verus later.

  9. I appear to be having networking issues on my S2. Not sure if it’s related or not, though I don’t believe anything else has changed in my environment.

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