Picture of the Day: Mom’s New (non) Tube

Mom’s 32″ Vizio LCD

I’m not the only Zatz enjoying a new television this week. I had Mom pick up a 32″ Vizio ($600, Circuit City) that I would set up on our Florida visit this weekend. I’ve been high def since 2002, but this is her first HDTV… And going HD has some implications when it comes to TiVo. She’s had a single tuner Series2 TiVo about a year now, which we evaluated together now that it’s no longer an ideal solution. Bottom line: Not only is she dumping the Series 2, she’s not replacing it with a TiVo HD or even Comcast’s DVR (for now). (She’s also not moving the TiVo to another television.) Turns out Mom is a fan of OnDemand and doesn’t like having to use two remotes. Also, to upgrade to a HD DVR she’d need to upgrade to a higher tier of service – add that to the box fee and the DVR fee, and she’s looking at ~$30/mo (~$17 more than the TiVo). So she’s opted for a HD cable box at $6.95/mo. (It’s one of the newer Moto boxes with pre-installed CableCARD.)

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  1. She only has cable outlets in the living room and bedroom, so I hooked her up with a Slingbox to watch TV via her desktop PC (den) or laptop (kitchen).

    She also has a SlingLink TURBO 4-port (powerline networking) – but now that the TiVo is out of the equation she’s only using one port. If I had the 1-port model with me, I would have traded her.

  2. i’m in prague right now and i’ve used my slingbox more than ever…thank god because there is only one non-news channel in english, and its national geographic. dave, you got one lucky mom!

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