Newsflash: Mom Orders TiVo!


OK, so the headline isn’t entirely accurate… More like: “Mom tires of resisting, Dave orders TiVo for her.” When visiting last month, I failed to convince her she needed a DVR. Well being somewhat manipulative, I might have accidentally changed her homepage to ZNF. Between the numerous questions I answered and the new fall season, she’s decided she might need a DVR. We could have gone the cable company DVR route, though when I mentioned that possibility she said, “Comcast, they suck.” Like mother, like son? is still active — get an 80 hour unit for $12.95/mo or a DT for $30 upfront plus $12.95/mo. I figured the single tuner unit (it’s a “digital VCR”) would be easier for her to wrap her mind around, so that’s where we’re starting. Mom is higher tech than she realizes and runs WPA… so initially, I’ll have her on dialup instead of messing with a wireless bridge or reconfiguring her network security.

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Mom Orders TiVo!”

  1. When I click to add the deal to cart, it shows the monthly service fee as $19.95? Were you still able to get it for $12.95?

  2. When I added it to the cart it says $19.95 and under that it says $7 KidZone discount with the total being $12.95. I just tried again (Firefox, PC) and it still seems to work…

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