Zatz Family Tech Showdown

mom-tv.jpgRound 1

My mom has been in need of a TV, so while visiting in Florida I suggested we pick up a Samsung CRT — it was on sale at Circuit City and perfect for her small space. Call me old fashioned, but I like tube TVs. Yes they are bulky and weigh a ton, but I prefer the image quality, brightness, and viewing angles. They also happen to be significantly cheaper than flat panels. However, despite my arguments, Mom was seduced by a slim and light Sharp SD LCD which we ended up taking home.

Round 2

During my stay I tried (again) to sell my mom on the merits of a DVR. I explained how she can pause live TV to answer a call, use instant replay to catch dialogue she misses, and record all her favorite TLC shows. She nodded, smiled, and said it sounded interesting. Then she said she might think about it next year when she retires. (LiveDigitally’s Jeremy Toeman has had more success — his mom regularly uses “Mister TiVo.”)

Final Score: Mom 2, Dave 0

9 thoughts on “Zatz Family Tech Showdown”

  1. Ok so your Mom gets props for not falling for that tubes are better line, (Dave you should know better) but seriously she can’t see how great TiVo is? It might be time to give her a loaner for three months and she’ll be hooked. TiVo is so addictive that it should carry a surgeon’s general warning.

  2. Dave,

    You’re mom sounds like she just doesn’t want to do what you suggest!!
    Just buy her a tivo, set it up and leave it there. If she doesn’t like it, how much are you out? 50 bucks?

  3. Before TiVo implemented the $150 cancellation fee last year, I would have gotten her a box to try out for a few months. Given her level of enthusiasm, I’ll either do nothing at this point or suggest trying Comcast DVR — if she doesn’t like it, we can easily cancel service with no penalty (and no ebaying).

  4. It’s rattan. She had an old cheapie 19″ on there for a few years which didn’t break it — there are camouflaged unobtrusive metal bars under the shelf for support and the support poles are actually metal wrapped in rattan. It’s a bright room and she often sits at an angle which is why I pushed her towards the 16″ CRT. In the end, she didn’t mind the additional expense and the 20″ LCD looks very nice. What do I know? :)

  5. It was a joke, I think you got. Good explanation though.

    LCDs are better for bright rooms. Little to no glare and while the angles are not a good as CRTs, they are acceptable.

    Besides LCDs look cooler.

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