PS3 Getting Movie Downloads This Summer?

Dave Zatz —  July 10, 2007

Speaking of movie downloads, along with Sony’s $100 PS3 price cut announcement they unveiled an upcoming model with larger 80GB hard drive… and reported to at least one media outlet: the size is designed to support HD movie downloads. Gizmodo has more. Considering Microsoft offers Xbox movie and television downloads, plus Sony is a movie studio, this comes as no surprise. I don’t imagine the Vudu folks are feeling optomistic this week… Why buy a $400 – $500 dedicated movie download box when you already own (or rent) a multifunction device that offers the same feature?

One response to PS3 Getting Movie Downloads This Summer?

  1. I’ve been saying that from the start – why would you buy a Vudu for that kind of money when you can buy a TiVo, XBox 360, PS3, or even an Apple TV and get more features?