Direct Amazon Unbox On TiVo Ordering Arrives


Amazon Unbox ordering has finally landed on TiVo. (Never mind that false alarm last month). The TiVoCast Downloads area is listed as “Download TV & Movies” (how exactly does that describe the web video?) and houses Amazon Unbox along with other downloadable content.


The Unbox application includes the most downloaded and newest videos which, I assume, does not represent the entire catalog. I’d like see them add genres and alphabetically organize the content. I’d also appreciate being able to see my rental history.

While I find Unbox unwatchable on my 16:9 living room HDTV, we really enjoy it on our 4:3 bedroom SDTV. Especially those 99 cent weekend move rental deals. I’m not sure if I’ll use the on-box ordering though… given movie playback is not instantaneous. Also, I’m currently overpaying for Season 2 episodes of Weeds – but they don’t appear under “Top TV Shows.”

UPDATE: Looks like I can find Weeds via Swivel Search and I just tried ordering an episode… But it appears I set up a 5 digit pin – which I don’t remember. It can be recovered or reset by keying in my email address via remote, but searching and purchasing from seems more efficient.

(Thanks, Peter W!)

8 thoughts on “Direct Amazon Unbox On TiVo Ordering Arrives”

  1. You can get the whole catalog if you search through SwivelSearch.

    I would love to have the 99 c weekend deals available from here. I’d buy a bunch and end up watching more movies of questionable quality!

  2. I want to see HD movies made available, as I think the SD movies now would look like crap on my HD TV the Series 3 is hooked up to.

  3. Yeah, HD is a must – especially since my Xbox gets them and the cable company offers HD OnDemand. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll see something. I’d easily triple what I’m spending now, and divert that money away from Microsoft. Though 360 movie rentals are pretty sweet – faster than TiVo and I can begin watching before the download completes.

  4. I don’t think any of us set up that PIN… I don’t remember ever having that option before today.

  5. I’ve gotten a few of the 99cent specials. I have a 50″ flat panel and the look OK. Not as good as DVD but comparable to best quality recording.

    I’ll probably continue to use the HME UnBox OnDemand, too, as it it has a few features that the swivel search and the Amazon “Channel” doesn’t.

  6. Anyone had trouble downloading movies? I ordered a movie on my S3 TiVo but it failed to download, saying there wasn’t room. I’m sure there was, if it bothered to purge TiVo Suggestions, or even other purgeable shows. Or does it want ME to delete “enough” stuff (however I’m supposed to calculate that) to make space for the download? When new shows record over the air, I don’t have to delete things first. Why should I have to delete non “save forever” shows to make room for a movie? Bad first-time experience — I had to go my computer, request “download” again, and it failed the second time too. I haven’t had time to try it again, but most annoying is that even if I DO remove some stuff on the TiVo, I can’t re-request the download from the TiVo. Instead I have to dig through the Amazon web site on the computer to find the “download again” button. :-(

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