DivX Connected Media Extender Confirmed


Not that I had any doubts, but (if you did) Engadget has confirmed DivX’s media extender reference design (aka GejBox). And as I surmised from their blurred logo, it is DivX Connected (see below, lower right). Still no word on who’ll be selling these or for how much, but perhaps we can console ourselves in applying for the beta.


4 thoughts on “DivX Connected Media Extender Confirmed”

  1. Heh.

    Though it is hard naming these things (especially if they’re OEM), just ask Netgear about their EVA8000. They wimped out – the EVA700 was originally called DAVE (Digital Audio Video Entertainer) 700, but they went with the generic EVA instead.

    I suppose my preference for DAVE does support DivX’s branding and your theory. ;)

  2. Got my confirmation email yesterday also. That’s 2 for 2 Dave. Thanks for the heads up and please keep us informed of any other hardware beta programs.

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