DivX Beta Testing Media Extender

connected-logo-blured224.png Another day, another media extender!

Looks like DivX isn’t entirely satisfied with their hardware licensing program, and wants a bit of the action. I am speculating — However, given the nature of their beta signup survey and the blurred image (without a blurred file name referencing their “Connected” initiative) I feel pretty confident in saying that they’re working on a media extender.

Assuming I’m right, the next question is: Do they sell the hardware themselves or let a partner brand it. I’d probably hedge and sell online under my own name and let a partner with sales channel experience brand it for retail. Sort of like Snappy has done with HAVA and Pinnacle. Speaking of Pinnacle, they don’t have a media extender in their lineup… Hm.

2 thoughts on “DivX Beta Testing Media Extender”

  1. I signed up for the Beta. My current method of transferring online video to my TV is to transcode it into Divx, load it on a memory stick and play it from the stick through my DVD player (JVC CX-60). It would be nice, though, to be able to stream it directly, and maybe play HD video as well.

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