$200 TiVo Series3 Rebate On The Way


Hot on the heels of TiVo dropping the Series3 Rewards “price” and my speculation that units are not selling like hotcakes comes a $200 rebate. The S3 retail price is still listed at $799, though several vendors have been selling it around $600. If those numbers hold, it’s conceivable one could pick up a unit in the neighborhood of $400… which is almost a reasonable price. Given the short redemption period (5/27 – 6/16), I assume this is a trial to tweak sales (during the slow summer sales season). Or maybe they expect the Comcast Moto TiVo to launch during those dates.

(via FatWallet)

3 thoughts on “$200 TiVo Series3 Rebate On The Way”

  1. i would totally go to costco and buy it, but costco is not an ‘authorized tivo reseller’ and may void the rebate…..

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