TiVo Rewards Series3 Price Drop


The TiVo Rewards loyalty program has lowered the “price” of the Series3 to 75,000 points. It was originally introduced as at 85,000 points. According to a quick scan of Amazon and Best Buy, the retail price of the Series3 remains $799… though Amazon has priced it under $610. Given these drops and rumor of a lower-cost HD TiVo, I wonder how (not) well the Series3 units are selling assuming all the early adopters and TiVo fanatics are onboard.

In other TiVo Rewards news, for the first time our Slingbox AV is being offered (at 25,000 points). I won’t be taking advantage of this reward now that I partake in the all-you-can-eat Slingbox plan (as a Sling Media employee), but those on the TCF who’ve requested/suggested this are in good shape today.

As far as other Reward suggestions, I think TiVo could make a killing by offering the discontinued Lifetime service option. It would be wins all around for TiVo: Motivate the most dedicated customers to “sell” more units, reward those most dedicated customers with exclusive service, and charge an outlandish Reward “fee” (125,000 pts?) to more than cover their expenses.

Last but not least, if you ever activate a TiVo and want to show ZNF a little love remember davezatz@yahoo.com referred you. ;) Now that I’m traveling more often, I wouldn’t mind a set of those Bose QuietComfort (v3) headphones at 45,000 pts.

3 thoughts on “TiVo Rewards Series3 Price Drop”

  1. i wish the rewards program offered a ‘click to refer’ web snippet that can be placed on sites to increase referrals and help me gain points

  2. Web rewards…. They do not like that. Like many referral programs, they want you to refer “people you know personally.” Not via inet…

    As for Daves reward idea, man, that is spot on! That would be a win-win and I am amazed they have not tried that. Does no one from Tivo read your blog??

  3. I think they should offer lifetime again as a reward too. (they did in the past, I claimed it for my RS-TX20.) Considering the values theorized, it is in the same ballpark as the Series3 – so 75,000 or so seems reasonable. That’s 15 referrals, not too shabby. Or make it an even 100,000 – 20 referrals.

    You want it to be within reason though – setting it too high would just be a tease and frustrate people.

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