Dave Joins Sling Media (!)

Dave Zatz —  February 6, 2007

dave-slings.jpgLet’s just say it’s been a crazy few weeks… As the title says, I’ve joined Sling Media! Obviously, I’ve been a fan for a while and Sling’s CES announcements convinced me these guys are really out there pushing the envelope in the digital media space. So, I’m extremely excited and flattered to be able to work with this group.

I’ll have a variety of roles here at Sling — the two most visible ones will be my presence on the Sling Community Forum and as the point man for writers/editors in the blogosphere. The communication will be two-way: not only will I be conveying company information, I’ll also be taking everything in to keep the executive team and various internal groups informed. As a blogger, I’m also hopeful you’ll see me heading up something, somewhere, at some point.

While I’ve been informing folks the last few days, the same three questions keep popping up…

1. Is this a full time job?

Yes! Not only am I making a job change, I’m making a career change. For the majority of the last 8 years I’ve worked in IT. However, I think it’s pretty clear what excites me these days…

2. Are you moving to California?

For now I’ll be based on the east coast where I live (a few blocks outside Washington, DC). However, I do plan to regularly visit both the Bay Area and NYC offices. In fact, I’m in California this week trying to soak up as much as possible.

3. What happens to your personal blog?

You think I’d let it die? ZNF will live on! And while I’m passionate about (and now employed by) Sling Media, they did not purchase my site and it will not be a Sling marketing platform. I’m sure there will be times when I’ll have some big news to share or offer some behind the scenes insight, but I will clearly disclose my relationship in those posts.

Update: I left Sling Media, May of 2008.

24 responses to Dave Joins Sling Media (!)

  1. Congrats on the new job and working in a field in which you’re passionate.

  2. Congratulations Dave! I am so damn jealous. ;-)

  3. that rocks. need a secretary?

  4. Congrats dude! Sounds like a win for you and for Sling!

  5. Congrats, Dave! You’ve worked hard and this is a great move for you. – Mike

  6. Awesome. Could not happen to a better guy. Good luck and keep on bloggin.

  7. That is tremendous news. Best of luck!

  8. Congratulations Dave! Sling is a clever player. See you at the great convergence…maybe.

  9. Congrats! Sling looks like a really cool product that I just don’t have a use for.

  10. Dave,
    Congratulations! I know you will be a great asset to the Sling Media team.

  11. I got say.. Congrats…
    Very happy to hear the good news..

  12. WayTaGo DZ! Enjoy your new job!

  13. Congratulations, DZ! Come visit us at TiVo next time you’re out in the Bay Area.


  14. Congrats Dave, I was rootin for ya. :)

  15. Congrats Dave! I wish you the best of luck.

  16. Congratulations Dave! I have been a huge Sling fan since they got started, and am definitely excited to hear from you about the goings-on at Sling. Good luck!

  17. Mucho congrats; just heard the news over at the TiVolovers/LJ community, go on Mister Zatz!

  18. Congrats, Dave! Rock on.

  19. Dude, you totally rock. Congrats my man. Keep the info flowing.

  20. Congratulations Dave. Sling has become a reference, i hope you will enjoy it,

  21. Congrats Dave! You’ll be a great addition to Sling.

  22. AWESOME Dave!! Congrats… well you certainly have me hooked on my Slinger!!
    Saving up now for another SB. Congrats again man!


  23. Emjoy the new job amigo. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the forum(s) – or is it fora?


  24. i am a bit late in writing a comment, i do hope you know that i am happy for you and we’ll have to get together soon to catch up since we didn’t get a chance to meet up in san fran.