Digeo Announces Two Stand-Alone HD DVRs


The press release drops tomorrow, but I’ve got the deets (and a sexy pic) today.

A few months back, Digeo announced they were switching gears expanding new markets by prepping a stand-alone HD DVR to be sold through electronics retailers. (Current Moxi boxes are distributed through cable providers, such as Charter, with 400,000 in circulation.) Turns out, there are at least two models coming down the pike.

At CES, Digeo will preview two prototypes of planned products for consumers. Both versions will feature the Emmy Award-winning Moxi interface, an integrated CD/DVD player, and features that allow users to watch, record and play high-definition programming, stream content from their PCs and support web scheduling. One prototype, the Moxi Multi-room HD DMR, will provide multi-room HD recording and playback with an integrated multi-stream CableCard (M-Card). A second prototype, the Moxi Home Cinema Edition HD DMR, is a Linux-based system leveraging the recently announced AMD LIVE! Home Cinema reference design that includes advanced audio features and is the ultimate device for home theatre enthusiasts. The Moxi retail product offerings are planned to be available in the second half of 2007.


I’m meeting up with CEO Mike Fidler tomorrow for a box lunch and a thorough briefing — I’ll be sure to post any additional info I uncover as well as pics of the prototypes on display.

6 thoughts on “Digeo Announces Two Stand-Alone HD DVRs”

  1. I appreciate the Moxi coverage. While I just took the plunge on the Series3 (since I found the $500 Dell deal), I found the Moxi interface quite pleasing and stable. If they would have adopted their 4.1 software upgrade sooner (and Charter had decided to allow external hard drives), I wouldn’t have spent the dough on the Series3. I still intend to wait on a second HD television/DVR for office until Series 3 goes down in price some more or Moxi/Charter step up.

  2. That is one ugly box! Do they expect consumers to buy this? One would hope they would do better after the cable companies stopped buying the current product.

  3. Chucky, I know you’re watching… looks like once upon a time I did sorta run with ‘check the deetz’ – dang.

  4. “Chucky, I know you’re watching… looks like once upon a time I did sorta run with ‘check the deetz’ – dang.”

    It’s all that diet soda you consume. Rots the brain. Stick to seltzer to preserve your brain and maintain acceptable levels of grammar.

    Also, get off my lawn, with your baggy pants and hippity-hop music.

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