Moxi Targets Retail With $1k HD DVR In ’07


Wow, looks like Diego is shifting gears… They produce the highly regarded Moxi DVR software, yet have found limited distribution via cable deals. Unlike TiVo which started out retail then moved to sat and cable deals, Moxi has announced plans to finally enter the retail market next fall with a $1,000 dual-tuning multistream CableCARD HD DVR. With the death of ReplayTV’s set-top box, and the stagnation of Sony’s and LG’s MS DVR product lines I’m looking forward to a little competition in the marketplace. Given Diego’s executive staff pedigrees, I wouldn’t be surprised if we ultimately end up seeing a “Sony DVR with Moxi.”

TWICE writes: Former Sony A/V marketing executives Mike Fidler, now Digeo’s CEO, and Greg Gudorf, now Digeo’s COO, said they will showcase at International CES in January a multi-tuner HD cable box with built-in DVR to be priced at around $1,000. Plans are to begin selling the product through consumer electronics retail partners by fall 2007, they said. Still an �open issue� is whether the box would be sold under the Moxi brand or under the brand of another CE trademark. Gudorf said the Moxi retail set-top will incorporate a multi-stream CableCARD slot enabling purchasers to access most cable TV services including video-on-demand and other interactive services using a CableCARD supplied by the local system operator. The multi-steam card would allow using a single card for multi-tuner viewing and recording, unlike the recently announced TiVo Series3 devices which include dual uni-directional CableCARD slots to access two channels at one time.

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  1. Unfortunately, it is even more expensive than TiVo Series 3, which is still difficult to justify versus cable company DVRs.

    I’d like to see TiVo get some competition too, but unless Moxi figures out a way to lower the price I’m not sure this is all that interesting.

  2. Before they’ll be able to offer OnDemand, etc, the CableCard 2.0 standards will need to be finalized – and that may not happen by the end of 2007. Once they’re finalized, then the cable MSOs will need to implement them.

    Competition is good – but at $1000, this would be competition only at the (very) high end. By the end of 2007 I wouldn’t be surprised if the Series3 is under $500 – perhaps well under. The Moxi box sounds like it will have some neat features – like their multi-room streaming, etc. But they’re going to have to deal with CableLabs, just like TiVo. CableLabs has yet to approve TiVo’s MRV, TTG, etc. We’ll see how well Digeo fairs with Moxi.

  3. “multistream” cards do NOT allow things like VOD and PPV. Multistream just allows multiple streams to be decoded with one card.

    Meaning for a 2-tuner DVR you’d need one multistream card.

    CableCARD 2.0 which is bi-directional (not multistream) is required for PPV and VOD.

  4. Its funny. I had Moxi when Charter first started offering it in my area.

    My Moxi experience is what convinced me to get a Tivo. The interface is horrible. The recording space is limited. It would let me schedule a “season pass” unless I had enough space for all the episodes i entended to keep. Randomly deleting recordings and failing to record shows.

    Oh and the big kicker… no grid view for browsing whats on TV.

    I’ve since tried the SA 8300HD from Knology and have to say while the experience is still better than Moxi it is in no way comparible to Tivo.

  5. $1,000 is overpriced now, let alone in 2007. Two-direction cablecard is nowhere in sight.

    The U/I for the Moxi box is confusing. If it were really “highly regarded,” someone beside Charter Communications (whose chairman is also Paul Allen) would have offered it.

    TiVo isn’t great, but this is no competitor.

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