TiVo Guru Guides Hit The Box


While Guru Guides have been available for some time, registration has been handled solely via TiVo’s web site. With this week’s update, TiVo subscribers can now opt-in to a variety of Guru Guides direct through the TiVo interface.

Guru Guides refresher:

TiVo Guru Guides are lists of television programs hand-selected by experts like Vogue and Sports Illustrated to help you discover and automatically record the best TV programming in various categories like cooking, sports, fashion, home & garden, and more. You can record all shows in a Guru Guides list or choose just the shows that interest you most. Guru Guides generally deliver 3-10 hours of programming every week and are updated regularly, as new shows air, so you’re always sure to be watching the freshest, hottest, most interesting programs on TV!

Being able to subscribe via my TiVo/television makes this service more appealing to me. Though it probably takes more time to navigate the TiVo interface than the TiVo web site, handling TV subscriptions on TV strikes me as more efficient.

Two notes…

1. This is only available on broadband-connected Series2 units for the moment. The Series3 8.1 software update (originally slated for late 2006…) will enable a variety of features, and I believe this will be included.

2. You may have a problem making it past the privacy screen on your TiVo: Sorry, we were unable to process your request. please try again later. If you encounter that error (as I did) AND have a TiVo.com account, attempt to add a Guru Guide through the web site. Once you accept the privacy policy terms, you should be all set.



2 thoughts on “TiVo Guru Guides Hit The Box”

  1. Man, another thing that doesn’t work when you have a Canadian Postal Code entered. I don’t get a TiVo Cast screen on my machine either. I can add Seasons Passes for them on the site, but can’t remove any I changed my mind on.

  2. Finally, Guru Guides the way they should have worked from day one – on the Tivo.

    Still don’t know if these things are useful. It would be nice if regular viewers could publish their own Guru Guides. I’d much rather see the recommendations of Tivo Community Forum members, rather than the editors at Vogue or Cnet.

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