Sling Mobile Updated: Dash & Blackjack Support


So much for my estimation of seeing this software in the “next few weeks” — it’s here today! Both the SlingPlayer Mobile for Smartphones (v1.0.5) and the PocketPC Edition (v1.1) sport various bug fixes and interface tweaks. The most notable addition is support for T-Mobile Dash and Cingular Samsung Blackjack devices. I’ve been running a beta of the PPC client on my Sprint 6700 for a few days without incident. Upgrades are free, otherwise it’ll cost you $30 after a free 30 day trial.

Speaking of Sling mobile clients, I haven’t heard anything new regarding Symbian or PalmOS release dates though both clients are indeed in development. I have a question in to the Sling folks regarding future support for Blackberry devices, but haven’t heard back yet. The newer models embrace Java so the potential is there…

Incidentally, I tried to get my hands on a Blackjack yesterday. Surprisingly the Cingular store had no working models and couldn’t find the “dummy” display unit — How do they intend to sell a several hundred dollar device without letting people experience it?

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