Picture of the Day: Got Palm?

Dave Zatz —  October 1, 2006
Coming soon to a Slingbox near you.

4 responses to Picture of the Day: Got Palm?

  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with the upcoming announcement from the TCPMP/CorePlayer dev group. TCPMP is currently the best video player on PalmOS, with support for XviD, DivX and H.264.

  2. Heh, I thought that blank area was just the right size for a Palm logo. :-)

  3. I agree. Looks like another Photoshop to me. I’ve seen the newer box at work and actually unloaded the thing last week, and we all scanned it, and NO palm logo.

    Don’t know if we still have any in or not but i’ll scan the thing myself and post the pic on Treo Central or something. I know 2 computer nerds bought 2 of the 3 we had so who knows if we have any left.

  4. Two different boxes have been seen in the wild. The Best Buys in my region have a blank space where the Palm logo is… Whereas the CompUSA boxes are stickered as shown above. Engadget took a picture of their box which also has the Palm logo AND they spoke to Sling who verified Palm support is slated for Q4.