TiVo Confirms WPA Support

tivo-adapter.jpgTiVo has posted a new support note, which replaces a previous message, that confirms the imminent release of WPA security for TiVo-branded wireless adapters.

While I may not agree with recent service fee policies, limiting WPA support to just TiVo’s wireless adapter is not a move designed to sell more units. With various adapters entering and then leaving the market, it’s difficult to continually integrate and test countless Linux drivers. By supporting just one known hardware configuration, it’s more efficient to produce functional, stable software.

Does TiVo Support WPA Encryption for Wireless Adapters?

WPA encryption is supported for all Series2, Series2 DT, and Series3 HD DVRs, with these requirements:

  • Software version 8.1 or later
  • TiVo Wireless G Adapter

(Thanks, Jim B!)

5 thoughts on “TiVo Confirms WPA Support”

  1. Remember that the TiVo 11g adapter has an onboard processor that they were already using to offload network processing to spare the TiVo CPU and boost performance. (Wasn’t it you who did tests and saw a 60% boost in transfer rates?)

    I think it is an easy bet that they’re using the same processor to do WPA, which is why it is limited to this adapter. We’ve seen how slow the 5xx TiVos get with other 11g adapters because of the CPU bottleneck, imagine it doing WPA on top of that.

  2. Yep, I even posted the description and schematics of the chipset somewhere pointing out the extra horse power and personally observed a huge increase in performance over a Netgear adapter. So I’m glad they’re finally making WPA happen. I actually ordered my mom a TiVo adapter last week for her birthday anticipating this day would come. Though we don’t actually know when that day is. :)

  3. Since I’ve seen leaks that it is in the current Open Beta, along with that support page (which has been up at least a week, I posted it in TL on 10/31, which is when I became aware of it, maybe up longer), I’m guessing ‘soon’. They probably want it out there before the holiday shopping season.

  4. I have been saving up my Rewards points for a while to get one of the TiVo branded adapters. I have been a little hesitant though because of the nominal increase in speed. I thought when Dave reviewed the TiVo adapter he said if you already had a wireless adapter even a wireless-B it you probably would not see enough of a speed increase in transfers to warrant the price. Is that correct or did I misread the post? Since the Glo remote showed up here last week I have been seriously reconsidering getting a TiVo adapter in hopes that the new Glo remote will be added to the Rewards page. I don’t want to spend $50 for another remote but I would gladly drop all my rewards points for a remote my wife could use in the dark.

  5. The speed increase is significant. TiVo’s wireless adapter speed is comparable to wired. Whether or not it’s worth spending the cash to upgrade probably depends on how much MRV or TTG you’re doing (and if you want WPA support).

    In the bedroom I have a wireless bridge with four ports, and as soon as I pick up an Xbox 360 in a week or so I’ll get another for the living area to replace my TiVo adapter.

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