TiVo Finally Getting WPA Support?

WPA is so long overdue, it’s not even funny… making TiVo’s support note that much more encouraging. They state they have WPA in the works and plan to initially offer it on their TiVo-branded wireless adapter. Yes!

(Thanks, Jim B!)

5 thoughts on “TiVo Finally Getting WPA Support?”

  1. This support document is referenced in a TiVo forum post from Apr 13, 2006. So, it’s at least 5 months old and nothing has changed. I wouldn’t call that support for WPA.

  2. I changed ‘new support note’ to ‘support note,’ as I don’t know the date it was published. TiVo publicly announcing future WPA support was news to me and many others — so the story stands. :)

  3. Just got the tivo wireless adapter & had to change my wireless set up to WEP. WPA is long overdue. I don’t feel good about using WEP.

  4. Got TiVo for Christmas – did not support WPA out of the box – after software download, it DID support WPA

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