Yahoo Releases MCE Fantasy Football Widget


Not to be outdone, Yahoo has just released a fantasy football widget for Windows MCE HTPCs which can downloaded via Viiv’s Online Spotlight.

Yahoo! Sports for TV is available to sports fans through an easy-to-install, lightweight, downloadable application that is currently only available for PCs equipped with Intel Viiv technology and works with any Media Center Edition compatible remote control.

Using the remote control, consumers can get real-time updates on their fantasy football scores without missing a minute of the live game (or without missing the action) on their television screen. Key features of the new service include:

  • League Scores – Keep on top of games across the league and track real-time scores and player stats.
  • My Teams – Personalize the service to closely follow favorite teams.
  • Fantasy Football – Access real-time fantasy scores and league standings updates.
  • Scoreboard – Get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across the league and fantasy football scores.

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