TiVo Desktop Mac Universal Binary Released, Video Enabled

TiVo quietly updated their Mac Desktop software from version 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 as a Universal binary. While this isn’t huge news, it does indicate TiVo hasn’t entirely forsaken Mac users and that development is ongoing. Perhaps we’ll still see OS X TiVoToGo support this year.

UPDATE: Dennis Wilkinson has discovered and documented how to enable an unsupported feature of the new Desktop software… Macs can now send MPEG2 video to TiVo! How cool is that?

(Thanks megazone!)

4 thoughts on “TiVo Desktop Mac Universal Binary Released, Video Enabled”

  1. I’m using a S1 TiVo, which is on my home network via the AirNet card, and which I can access via TivoWeb. Is there a hack that will enable my S1 TiVo to work with TiVo Desktop?

  2. so tivo now allows what galleon has for months? big whoop.

    cool, but i’ll stick with galleon for now.

  3. I just posted this on the TiVo Community forum thread as well….

    You don’t need to mess with the Terminal commands to enable the video function in TiVo Desktop on the Mac. Just hold down the Command key (a.k.a. “open Apple” key) while you click the TiVo Desktop icon in the System Preferences window.

    You can also view some debugging and logging options if you hold down the Option key while you click the TiVo Desktop icon.

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