TiVoToGo For Mac Lives!

Megazone gets the scoop again… A TiVoToGo Mac application exists and is on display at CES. While it’s an internal, pre-alpha build, it appears to transfer shows. Presumably the Mac decryption module has been built, as MacOSX recognizes the files as MPEG-2. Recently, Bob Poniatowski has stated Mac support drop mid-2006.

(photo from megazone, the only TiVo blogger at CES)

13 thoughts on “TiVoToGo For Mac Lives!”

  1. Enter me

    Wow, but I wonder, if the files are mpg files and not tivo files, will they be laced with DRM or just “watermarked”?

  2. Enter Me.

    As primarily a Mac user, this makes me get all gooey inside. I like that they’re using the Brushed Metal look – it reminds me of the iLife suite, iTunes and Safari.

  3. Oh thank heaven! I gave up both of my PCs for Mac this year and was disappointed that I couldn’t take TTG with me. And I would *love* it if they actually used MPGs so I could burn the DVDs with my own software rather than buying something special to do the job.

  4. Enter Me please.

    It’s about time. I understand that the Mac community is much smaller than the PC one but WE are certainly more loyal to good products. A TiVo / Mac marriage is only logical.


    Since I transitioned from PC to Mac when I got my Tivo, I have been bummed about the hoops I have to jump through to get the same content off the Tivo and on to my Mac. Where is the BETA sign-up? : )

  6. This would be great! I’ve been waiting for MacWorld to get a new iBook. The lack of TiVoToGo support for macs has been the one thing making me somewhat hesitant. But I did realize I can use orb to watch my tivo shows when connected to the internet, so waiting for this won’t be too bad.

  7. The potential synergy between Apple and Tivo still seems compelling, and I’ve been wondering why we don’t see more joint development and announcements between the two. I hope this is a step toward a closer partnership.

    Please Enter Me.

  8. Come on,

    Could I use a pc emu somehow and transfer the files to the mac side.(I know how to sync files but will they work)

  9. Um, yeah, where is Tivo to go for mac??? Most people I know with Tivo, also have mac. We are all waiting for Tivo to go for Mac. Where is it?

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