TiVo Mac Support Scheduled For 2006

Yes, we’ve heard it before… but we haven’t heard it lately. According to Bob Poniatowski of TiVo Product Marketing, the new PSP and iPod conversion/sync is expected in February. More importantly, he reiterated TiVo’s commitment to the Mac platform and is hopeful we’ll see TiVoToGo support mid-2006.

6 thoughts on “TiVo Mac Support Scheduled For 2006”

  1. Pony only “promised” support for the new featured announced today. Cleverly worded to not specifically say anything about current ToGo functionality being ported to the mac.

  2. I’m sure we can all agree any level of support is better than the lack of support we currently have. The fact that Bob made a public statement implies they are at least working on something, which I’ll take as a positive sign. As far as the when… I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. Chris – actually, later in the thread, Pony clarified that he does mean TTG and playback on the Mac will be available as well and NOT just the iPod/PSP support. Both.

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