Yahoo! To Offer PVR (With TiVo?)

Here’s something to chew on…

Yahoo’s forthcoming Go TV will offer a variety of video, movie, and TV related services. That in itself is not so interesting. What is interesting is Yahoo claiming they will provide “full PVR functionality” and “full TV tuning capabilities” “directly on your TV.” Both the press release and official site lack the kind of technical details we’re looking for… but I find it extremeley interesting that they’re using TiVo’s trademarked phrase “trick play” in the announcement.

We already know Yahoo! and TiVo have buddied up, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to expand that partnership. There’s not much concrete here, but plenty to speculate on… use those comments wisely.

Yahoo says:

  • Full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality, including trick play features and access to the PC for storage of content
  • Full TV tuning capabilities to control your TV channels

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  1. from what i got is that it uses a pc with tv tuner card..

    “Get Yahoo! Go TV
    Yahoo! Go TV is coming soon and will be available for all Windows XP PCs.

    It’s an easy to install, downloadable, lightweight, easy to use application that runs on any PC. It works with any remote control.

    All you need to do is download the application onto your PC connected to your TV. And you’re good to Go”

  2. Thomas Hawk has more info here:

    The prototype he played with is indeed a multimedia PC app. Their press release wording is either poorly written or they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Based on what TH observed, I’m guessing the former…

    “Yahoo! Go TV integrates consumers Internet services, including video search and photos, into the television.”

  3. My bold prediction of 2006 is that yahoo! will purchase TiVo. With the way things are going for TiVo (directTV, etc) and the propensity of yahoo to nab up companies, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a lot closer. Not sure if that will be a good thing or not.

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  4. Hmmm… I would agree that the stuff on the site is pretty vague. Kind of hard to figure out what they really have in mind with all the pieces (which only seem to be loosely related at this point). Is the PC-connected-to-a-TV a kind of Beyond TV (Snapstream) thing? Seems as though everyone (Google, Yahoo, etc.) want to be sure to mentioned as “being in the video game” whenever the topic comes up. Just seems like none of them have fully baked their offerings yet. Ah well, ’tis interesting times! :-)

    P.S. Enter me (hopefully qualifies as my semi-intelligent 2nd post!)

  5. If I recall correctly, at last year’s CES, Tivo mentioned a desktop version of their software. Not TivoToGo desktop, but full fledged DVR software.

    Maybe it got morphed into this? Anybody remember this or know anything?

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  6. Enter me please.

    I have found that the Live365 content is a bit slow on the download. Maybe the speed will be increased when I buy my Tivo Wireless adapter but on a reg 802.11 usb adapter at “good” reception, it takes several min before I can select and actual content. :/

  7. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, TiVo has allowed the “Trick Play” trademark to expire. However, TiVo documentation still lists the phrase as an asset (associated with several patents). Here is an example:

    Perhaps “trick play” is not legally the same as “TrickPlay.” Perhaps TiVo hasn’t updated their web pages. Perhaps a stitch in time saves nine.

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