Exclusive TiVo Beta Photos

Dave Zatz —  November 28, 2005

As previously reported, TiVo is beefing up their HME offerings by centrally hosting applications and partnering with Yahoo! Yahoo! weather, traffic, and photos are available by entering your account info on the TiVo box. Also being previewed are Internet radio (Live365), the podcaster application I saw at Digital Life, Fandango movie tickets, and some various games. Beta testing is scheduled to continue into early 2006.

TiVo’s really starting to hit their stride in adding value over the typical cable-co DVR. Once they bundle these features with the upcoming dual HD tuner CableCARD model, they’ll really have something worth drooling over.

20 responses to Exclusive TiVo Beta Photos

  1. This is nice but every Digital Media Adapter (DMA) such as the Link Theater and DSM 320 have had this type of content for a while. Even home brews lke a modded XBox with XBMC have this (and more).
    Why can’t someone create a product that merges the best of both of these products. The DMAs can play practially any media over the network (via SMB or UPnP AV), and PVRs provide a EPG, record and time shift.

  2. This looks nice! I hope something similar can be done with google gmail

  3. Finally, something more polished for HME apps!

  4. Looks nice – can’t wait to compare it to the new mac mini (IF it actually has all the features thinksecret is talking about)…

  5. Hopefully Comcast customers will see some of that same functionality once the TiVo/Comcast DVR comes along.

  6. Its about time that thing did more out of the box stuff.

  7. Very Cool Dave,

    I can’t wait for June when the HDTV stand alone unit is finally available. Seriously though, isn’t it time for Zatz to upgrade to an HDTV?

  8. Most, if not all, of this functionality is provided by Galleon: http://galleon.sourceforge.net/

  9. Hmm, being a featured Podcaster at Yahoo is going to become very important very soon.

  10. Thanks for posting the pics. Alot of theis stuff already exists, true. But it’s pretty clunky. Yahoo can probably throw a lot more time at it than most of the current HME developers.

  11. A lot is available already with Galleon as mentioned above- but doesn’t it make more sense to not have to require a computer to always be on? I think Galleon will always be useful, but the more available online, the better in my opinion.

  12. Wow. This looks awesome. Great scoop.

  13. OMG- Too Cool ! If you look really hard, on the right side of the reflected lamp, you can see the Virgin Mary! This is for Real!!!

  14. no, it’s a coffin or something.. or some kinda artifact from egypt.. hehehhe :))

  15. SameGame is a great game for a free test!!!

    Can’t wait until they get the rest of this running.

  16. Let us see what Apple does on Mac Mini early this year 2006

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