TiVo’s CNET Content Downloads

CNET on TiVo

TiVo’s latest opt-in content downloads are a series of weekly 15 minute product reviews during the holiday season. I find this material far more compelling than the random Navy football clips last month. This seems to be a win-win situation for TiVo: another method of generating advertising revenue while hopefully entertaining us subscribers. As with other recent TiVo innovations, this is limited to networked Series 2 models.

CNET on TiVo

CNET on TiVo

[News via PVRWire, Photos by Dave]

3 thoughts on “TiVo’s CNET Content Downloads”

  1. Though certainly no fault of TiVo’s, these CNET downloads are pretty lame, featuring content that’s far more fluff than substance. The on-air tech personalities are not especially well-suited to being used as news anchors and the reviews are anything but in-depth. And even if the intended audience is non-techies, the information presented is weak and incomplete. Most likely, this will result in driving people to CNET’s web site for more info that might never have ventured there otherwise…

    By the way, I’d love to be entered in the drawing for a TiVo plushy ornament – would make an excellent gift for my TiVo-crazy wife.

  2. I really wanted to check this out ’cause I love to see what new gear is coming out, but it never appeared as an option on my TiVo.

    We poor canadians never get to participate in anything. :(

    No Cnet, no ornament giveaway.

    It’s nice to have TiVo offer Canadian service finally. I have two now and just bought my sister one. I am personally on a crusade to make TiVo big in Canada.

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