Moxi Adds VoIP Capabilities, New Executives

Moxi UIDiego’s Moxi Media Center, a dual tuner HD DVR, has integrated its existing Telephone functionality into UniTV’s cable services platform. Meaning you’ll be able to access your cable provider’s VoIP services, such as callerID and voicemail, directly through your set-top box.

Moxi says: Interoperability with UniTV allows deployment of Moxi Telephone on a much wider scale, said Bert Kolde, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Digeo, Inc. Now operators can provide Moxi Telephone over both VoIP and traditional voice networks, allowing them to offer attractive bundling packages and potentially increase average revenue per user.

In other Moxi news, Diego filled both their CEO and COO positions with seasoned Sony executives last month. Here’s to hoping these guys can speed up cable provider adoption of the Moxi platform.