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Marketing With Tivo, Dockers?

Dave Zatz —  September 24, 2005

The positive buzz surrounding Tivo is leading to some strange marketing synergies. The recent iRiver PMC deal makes sense as an option for watching Tivo To Go, but the JCPenny Dockers promotion is way out in left field.

Dockers says: Buy $100 of Dockers Men’s Qualifying Apparel and/or Accessories Between September 25th and September 28th, 2005 and Receive a Free TiVo Series2 40-Hour DVR and 3 Months of Free Service.

Tivo Advertising Campaign Stymied

Dave Zatz —  September 23, 2005

TiVo TV AdAnd I thought this month couldn’t get any worse for Tivo… First they’re hammered with bad press due to Macrovision DRM. That was followed by Metron, the company handling Tivo’s phone and web orders, folding last Friday. Little did we know Tivo had a television and web advertising campaign beginning this week.

Sadly, Tivo is still unable to receive web or phone orders. They did list a new phone number, though I received a message stating the line is out of service. 1-877-BUY-TIVO has an updated recording indicating they plan to reopen for business 9/26.

Tivo says: Sorry, but we’re unable to take your order online at this time. Please order by phone now: Call 1-800-698-3530